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If you plan to renovate and decorate an old house, you may need to find a designer to plan the decoration. Before the discussion, most of you will imagine which style you like, so that the designer can have a clear design direction. Sometimes you may not think of it, or The styles found on the Internet are not suitable. At this time, the RoomGPT platform can be used to use AI drawing technology to quickly generate 3D decoration pictures for interior design, and to simulate the final result picture and style more quickly.

RoomGPT is a free platform that can quickly transform the theme of the room, and it is also a free interior design 3D drawing software tool that integrates AI technology. As long as you upload the existing room space photos, you can use AI drawing technology to quickly output a specified style of real-scene decoration. You can choose living room, bathroom, dining room, office, game room and bedroom decoration space, as well as five different decoration style themes, so that communication with designers will be faster and faster.

How to use RoomGPT to generate 3D interior design drawings

Step 1. Open the RoomGPT website, click “Generate your dream room” button to continue. (The website link is placed at the end of the article)

Step 2. You will need to log in to your Google account during the process, and the free quota will be available 5 times a day.

How to use RoomGPT to generate 3D pictures of interior design and decoration 1

Step 3. After entering, you can select the style, setting and room style in sequence, and finally upload the photos in the existing house. The detailed styles in Chinese are as follows:

Choose your room theme

  • Modern Modern
  • MinimalismMinimalist
  • Professional Professional
  • Tropical Tropical
  • Premium Vintage

Choose your room type

  • Living RoomLiving Room
  • Dining RoomDining Room
  • Office Office
  • BedroomBedroom
  • BathroomBathroom
  • Gaming Room
  • kitchen kitchen
How to use RoomGPT to generate 3D pictures of interior design and decoration 2

Step 4. After uploading the photo of the empty house, RoomGPT will automatically generate a 3D realistic picture through the AI ​​artificial intelligence drawing tool.

How to use RoomGPT to generate interior design and decoration 3D map 3

The top can also be switched to Compare contrast mode, which can compare the pictures generated by RoomGPT with the real picture. The picture is 3D rendered based on the real picture, and the overall spatial position is almost the same.

How to use RoomGPT to generate interior design and decoration 3D map 4

After final confirmation, you can click “Download Generated Room“Download the rendered image to the computer.

How to use RoomGPT to generate 3D images of interior design and decoration 5

Decoration 3D drawing software RoomGPT function summary

RoomGPT is a powerful indoor AI drawing design tool that allows you to easily render your creative ideas through natural images, and it can be trained based on real pictures and natural language descriptions to create a perfect style.

RoomGPT’s rendering technology is excellent, which can make interior design pictures more realistic and vivid. RoomGPT is very convenient to use. You only need to input your requirements, and it can generate a beautiful image for you in a few seconds. If you are looking for A fast and accurate rendering tool, then RoomGPT is the best choice for you.

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