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Twenty-five years ago, Toyota was optimistic about petrol electric vehicles, why is it discouraged from all-electric vehicles today? | TechNews

25 Toyota leads the industry years ago with hybrid car Priusregarded as an environmentally conscious pioneer in the auto industry, but now when global automakers see all-electric vehicles as the mainstream of the future, Toyota is in no rush to invest money, arguing that the market is not mature enough to have a foundation for mass adoption There are also insufficient facilities, and it has publicly expressed a conservative attitude towards the technology and is reluctant to join the all-electric vehicle race.

Global automakers are betting on electric vehicles, and in recent years they have rushed to announce that they will invest billions of dollars in the development of fully electric vehicles. For example, Volkswagen has announced that it will 2035 Zero-emission electric vehicles will be fully available by 2020, and other automakers have vowed to expand the EV market.Automaker’s move has policy endorsement, California announced 2035 The sale of new gasoline vehicles was banned before 2010, and the Biden administration in the United States has also actively allocated funds to build all the infrastructure needed for electric vehicles.

But Toyota doesn’t seem to be in a hurry, the goal is to reach 2030 annual sales 350 10,000 electric vehicles, only more than the current sales volume 1/3.Greenpeace now lists Toyota as 10 Automakers were last in their decarbonization efforts, citing slow supply chain progress and fewer zero-emission vehicles sold than Toyota’s 1%.Despite being criticized for being too slow,The old god of Toyota is here, and Toyota’s reason is that the world lacks the infrastructure to support electric vehicles, and the cost of electric vehicles is too high.

Foreign media reports pointed out that most new all-electric vehicles are now luxury cars, or large pickups and SUV,The reason is that electric cars cost significantly more than gasoline-powered cars.The average price of an electric car is 56,437 dollars, hybrid cars are 33,390 U.S. dollar, gasoline-powered vehicles flat for 42,804 Dollar.Average price of new EVs was higher last year 6 The monthly average price soared to a record level, reaching 66,000 Dollar.

In addition, grid support is also insufficient, such as the recent power cuts in California, which is the most aggressive in phasing out gasoline vehicles, raising questions about the possibility of relying entirely on electric vehicles. Under multiple factors, consumer demand for all-electric vehicles will not rise soon.

Toyota to launch hybrid car, says Toyota 25 Even though consumers are now familiar with hybrids, are affordable, don’t cause range anxiety, and don’t rely as heavily on exotic raw materials from other countries as full-electric vehicles, such as lithium for batteries, hybrids are U.S. market share is still less than 10%. Toyota believes that the flock of electric vehicles from all walks of life exceeds consumer demand.

Toyota’s current plan is to 2030 annual production 30 fully electric vehicle and will continue to invest in hybrid vehicles with the goal of providing everyone with a way they can make the greatest contribution to addressing climate change, sees electric vehicles as a solution for businesses to achieve carbon neutrality goals, not The only solution.

An analysis pointed out that from a global perspective, many markets are developing at different speeds for the future of electric vehicles. The U.S. has been slower than Europe and China in EV adoption, but there are other markets that simply don’t have the infrastructure, so it makes sense on a global scale for Toyota to take a different approach to powertrains.

The key reason is that high cost and range anxiety will deter many consumers from buying electric vehicles.Jim Adler, founding managing director of Toyota Ventures, put it bluntly, “I just don’t think all-electric vehicles will take over the market. 100%, the future will really be a mixed market. “

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