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iPhone 14 Pro has poor battery life! Users are angry with “1 function”

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Users have complained about poor battery life on the iPhone 14 Pro. (Picture/Data Photo)

There are many fruit fans who started this year’s flagship iPhone 14 Pro, and now they say “the battery life has become very poor!”, even worse than the previous generation iPhone 13 Pro, making many netizens shout: “I thought I got the machine king.”

The original PO posted on Dcard that he got the first batch of iPhone 14 Pro on the 16th, because his last mobile phone was the iPhone 13 Pro, but after a few days, he found that the iPhone 14 Pro consumes more power and overheats, and even burns Unable to hold it, the original PO asked: “Is it because the on-screen display (AOD) is turned on, I want to ask everyone who has already got the phone, how is the battery life this time?”

In this regard, many netizens said: “I also got the first batch of 9/16. I think this power loss is not in line with the performance of the normal new machine.” I lost 40% of my sleep, and I don’t know where the electricity is used? It’s weird”, “I also feel the power consumption, I thought it would be better to switch from XR to 14pro… Let’s observe it again”, “14pro It’s very hot when you use it casually, and the experience is not good”, “Some people found that the power consumption is faster, I thought my phone was broken.”

Netizens analyzed that the most likely reason is the display screen, saying: “I changed from 11 to 14pro, and I was the first batch to get it on 9/16. I really feel power consumption. Before turning off the display screen, I I observed that my mobile phone will drop by 1% even if it is not touched. At present, I have turned off the display, and I think it is better, so I can only observe it again.”, “I have been using the 14pro for two days, and turning on the AOD actually consumes a lot of power. I probably don’t have anything to turn on the screen and it consumes 5% for an hour”, “I was jumping 14p at 8P, I thought it was my illusion, but everyone also had this problem, I thought it was the king of the machine, I also turned off the display at any time, under observation” .

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