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Since the iPhone 14 Pro series screen adopts the “Dynamic Island” design, it can display notifications, prompts and activities, and can also combine third-party APPs to achieve a variety of different functions and gameplay. But did you know that iPhone 14 Pro dynamic island pets can also be achieved? It allows cats and puppies to walk leisurely on the dynamic island at any time, and it looks super healing. This article will teach you the hidden skills of the iPhone 14 dynamic island.

iPhone 14 dynamic island pet teaching skills

To realize the iPhone 14 dynamic island cat breeding is not achieved by built-in functions, but through the well-known third-party forum application “Apollo for Reddit” in the United States. Every time you enter the APP, you can raise cats on the dynamic island or Dogs, you can see small animals walking and playing on the dynamic island at any time, and sometimes even sleeping and resting, just like a childhood computer pet game, super cute and healing.

By the way, I will record the following screen for the iPhone 14 dynamic island pet effect:

Dynamic island cat setting method

As for the iPhone 14 dynamic island cat pet setting method, the steps are as follows:

After downloading the “Apollo for Reddit” app from the App Store through the iPhone 14 Pro series, the “Dynamic Island Zoo” prompt will pop up immediately after opening it. Click the “View Pixel Pal” function to select dynamic island animals, such as cats, Dogs are free, and the rest of the hedgehogs, foxes and salamanders must be paid for Apollo Pro to be able to use them.

As long as you click on the dynamic island pet, you will immediately see the cat or puppy walking around leisurely in the gap between the top and edge of the dynamic island, but remind that the dynamic island cat can only be displayed when the APP is turned on. If you jump back The home screen or other apps will disappear.

Dynamic island cat setting methodIf you want to change the dynamic island animals later, you can set “Settings” from the “Apollo for Reddit” APP, click “General”, and select “Pixel Pals” to choose to modify the dynamic island animals.

Dynamic island cat setting method 1

Dynamic island cat setting method 2

Dynamic Island Pet Lock Screen Settings

Even the iOS 16 lock screen can also be added to the “kitten”. Just press and hold the “lock screen” editing widget and find the “Pixel Pal” widget in the Apollo App’s zoo, and it will be displayed on the unlock screen.

Dynamic Island Pet Lock Screen Settings

You can see a cute kitten staying on the lock screen of the iPhone screen at any time. If you have an iPhone 14 Pro series model, you can also turn on the “Always Display” function, and you can continue to see super cute cats.

Dynamic Island Pet Lock Screen Settings 4

Function summary

It is really interesting to have pets on the iPhone 14 dynamic island, but unfortunately there is no way to interact with cats or puppies, but being able to see small animals walking or sleeping on the dynamic island will also feel special healing.

Of course, the dynamic island can not only keep pets, but also can play the game of Arkanoid, and it is not limited to the iPhone 14 Pro model to play. It can also play the game together with the old iPhone bangs. The detailed method can be further learned through the following teaching:

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