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The 10,000 Bitcoins that have been sleeping for 7 years suddenly wake up, the giant whale may be the Mt.Gox hacker

10,000 bitcoins, which had been sleeping for 7 years, suddenly woke up this morning, and all of them were transferred to two unknown wallet addresses, planting more uncertain factors for the market. This sleeping wallet is believed to be related to the hack of Mt. Gox, the “worst exchange” that collapsed in 2014.

Four types of Bitcoin holders have remained unmoved by the turmoil in the past two years. The first is a prophet who can foresee the future, the second is an ignorant person who completely forgot or lost his wallet and password, and the third is an early death The dead, and the fourth type is the criminal who wants to move but can’t.

Early this morning, 10,000 bitcoins with a market value of approximately US$165 million were transferred out of a wallet that has not been active since 2017. The BTC in this wallet was transferred in from the money laundering platform BTC-e of the Mt.Gox exchange.

The wallet address is 1LfV1tSt3KNyHpFJnAzrqsLFdeD2EvU1MK. When it was founded in February 2014, it received 10,000 BTC. The Mt.Got exchange announced its closure in the same month. In 2015, the wallet received another 10,000 bitcoins, and then transferred out 10,000 BTCs in September 2017, at the same time as the Mt.Gox hacker money laundering platform BTC-e collapsed.

BTC-e was founded by Russian Alexander Vinnik in 2011. In 2017, it was involved in at least 21 money laundering cases and was ordered to suspend business by the US Department of Justice. The biggest money laundering target was the hacker who stole assets from Mt.Gox.

Although Alexander Vinnik was arrested and extradited to the United States to continue his trial after serving 5 years in prison, the whereabouts of BTC-e assets is not clear. The WEX exchange, also founded by Russians, stated that it would inherit the copy of BTC-e and freeze all asset withdrawals. It was declared out of service one year later. One of WEX’s managers, Alexei Bilyuchenko, who turned himself in and was forced to transfer all the funds to two Russian security service officials, is still serving time in a Moscow prison.

Although the owner of 10,000 bitcoins cannot be identified, the wallet dynamics show that 6,500 bitcoins have been transferred to another wallet and there has been no action. The other 3,500 bitcoins were dispersed and transferred to more wallets, but none of them belonged to escrow agencies or exchanges, and it was speculated that they might be realized through over-the-counter transactions.

Don’t forget, the biggest suspect in the Mt.Gox incident is the CEO Mark Karpelès. He successfully escaped multiple collective complaints from users and was sentenced to 30 months in prison for tampering with electronic file records, but his sentence can be suspended for 2.5 years. As long as he hasn’t committed a crime for 4 years, he doesn’t need to go to jail.

This sentence began in March 2019, which means that by March next year, Mark Karpelès’ probation period will expire. Mt. Theft, and then handed over to BTC-e to help launder the money. If it is said that the 10,000 BTC transferred out today, it is not impossible that the holder behind the scenes is Mark Karpelès.

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