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Heavy! Taiwan Steaker has been acquired by NSCA Capital! Wilson stays, seeks compensation FTX will hire international lawyers |

(background supplement:Taiwan Steaker announced that “FTX exposed 10.66 million US dollars”, has applied for Binance’s industrial recovery fund, and has taken legal action )
(background supplement:Taiwan government releases FTX victims? Financial Supervisory Commission: Overseas does not accept control!Only prevent money laundering, not protect investors )

FirstSteaker, a Taiwanese hosting platform that previously announced a US$10.66 million exposure on FTX, issued a major announcement this evening (24th), saying that Steaker founder Wilson Huang (Huang Weixuan) has reached an agreement with the National Standard Capital Asia (NSCA) group. NSCA Group From now on, it will acquire Steaker on behalf of investors.

Source: Steaker official website

The Steaker announcement states:

On behalf of the investors, NSCA will continue to appoint Wilson as the CEO of Steaker after the acquisition is completed, and will continue to work hard to run the company with the team in the future.

NSCA will also be committed to assisting Steaker in properly handling the FTX incident and related matters related to affected users. Steaker will hire an international law firm to represent Steaker in seeking compensation from FTX in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and assist Steaker in handling the rights and interests of Steaker users affected by the FTX incident. related business.

Steaker is working with the team to develop the SAFU compensation mechanism and related plans to minimize the loss of Steaker users. Details and related procedures will be announced separately.

According to Steaker’s announcement, although the SAFU fund has been proposed to compensate victims, today’s announcement only mentions “expecting to minimize the loss of victims”, and does not mention whether full compensation will be paid; in addition, it may be necessary to wait for professional lawyers to cross-border environmental claims.

It is understood that the National Standard Capital Group is a diversified investment group with businesses in Europe, America and Asia. It is good at mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and real estate-related investments. Its co-founder and CEO Thomas Lee is also the chairman of the Singapore real estate Croesus Group (Croesus Group) Executive Director in China, which manages real estate investment trusts of approximately US$2 billion.

Source: National Standard Capital official website

According to the official website of the National Standard Capital Group, its Taipei office is located on the 10th floor of No. 458, Section 4, Xinyi Road. However, after searching Taiwan’s industrial and commercial registration information, there are only three offices at this address; judging by the registration information, the three companies should be well-known theater people. The related company of Lai Shengchuan’s Performance Workshop Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd. is not registered with National Standard Capital.

Source: Commercial and Industrial Registration Publicity Database

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