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Austraund Fund Suspension Redemption Storm!Uncover the unbearable inside story of the mysterious bald leader | Anue Tycoon – Magazine

Austraund Fund Suspension Redemption Storm!Uncover the unbearable inside story of the mysterious bald leader | Anue Tycoon – Magazine
Austraund Fund Suspension Redemption Storm!Uncover the unbearable inside story of the mysterious bald leader | Anue Tycoon – Magazine

Writer‧Journal Weekly Editorial Team

On February 16, shortly after the Lunar New Year, a newspaper headline “Acreist Fund Exploded” attracted a lot of attention from the market. Acreiste, which has been selling in Taiwan for more than ten years, was accused of claiming a steady annual return of 8% as its marketing appeal. Ayers Alliance Financial Group (Ayers Alliance Financial Group, market referred to as AA) related funds, shockingly reported that customers have received notices of suspension of redemption and delay in remittance.

In the next few days, listed companies such as Baoling Fujin and Taiduan, which were named to hold funds, issued important news one after another. By March 6, the two companies finally confirmed that they had received a letter from Acreist, confirming that the relevant funds had suspended net worth calculations and delayed redemption. back.

According to a survey conducted by “Ji Zhou Kan” through the database of the Economic News, as of the end of the third quarter of last year, there were ten listed companies that had invested in Acreist Fund on their accounts. CCIB Subscription), Hongzhi, Times, New Fuxing, Juyou Technology, Xintianran, Nanguang, and Chuangwei Precision, with a total holding of about 2.364 billion yuan.

“Baoling Fujin has invested in Austrade (fund) for more than ten years,” Zhang Liqiu, chairman of Baoling Fujin, said. The company originally invested 1 million US dollars on a trial basis. The interest rates on bank deposits are very low, and the company happens to have a little spare capital, and this (Acreista) is a product with a relatively fixed (return rate), and the interest rate is around 8%, so I try to invest.”

Such an investment reason seems reasonable, but to the ears of asset managers, it is unavoidable to be a little frightened. “I dare not say that there must be a problem, but the saying “not affected by market fluctuations and providing a stable 8% return rate” always reminds me of Madoff (the protagonist of the largest fraud case in American history).” A trustee said express.

Not only that, but this magazine asked a number of science colleges and generally said that “the disaster is serious”, pointing out that Acreista related funds have long been favored by the ladies’ circle, “Taichung Phase 7 should be the hardest-hit area!”

“I heard that one client bought more than 100 million Taiwan dollars.” A local senior photoshop with more than 20 years of experience in the industry revealed that many large clients in Taichung were implicated this time. Among them, it reached 12% earlier, and the dividend distribution was not stable last year. Many of them applied for redemption, but most of them failed to redeem.”

Dong Niang, a small and medium-sized enterprise, also helps manage the company’s finances. She personally invested 500,000 US dollars in Acreistan related funds. Because she has made money in the past few years, she also introduced many sisters around her to invest in Amoy. This is why This fund has not been approved by the Financial Supervisory Commission, and it is not easy to find product information on the Internet, but a group of Taiwanese investors came to buy it with real money.

What is the origin of Clement Tung, the leader behind Acreist Fund? According to the company profile on the official website of Acreist Financial Group, the company is registered in Cyprus, a Mediterranean island country. The top member of the board of directors is Clement Tung, the executive director. Although the photo of the person is black and white, he has a bald head without a smile and a Chinese face. The hole is still very visible. And the same photos of people can actually be seen in the monthly magazine of the domestic financial media “Zhifu” a few years ago.

According to the relevant fund marketing documents obtained by this publication from investors, it is mentioned that “Clement Tung graduated from the University of Toronto, majoring in mathematics and computer science.” He also emphasized that he is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA).

However, if we further examine the relationship between Dong Shenda and NFA, we can find a slightly unsightly history: as early as March 2012, NFA issued an official document declaring that Dong Shenda used false and misleading propaganda to Merchandise sales violate NFA regulations.

From 2007 to the present, the various products collectively referred to as Acreista Fund have had a history of more than 15 years of legends in the United States, Japan, and Taiwan. As the “negotiated redemption time” is getting closer, anxiety is heating up. However, no matter whether it is a listed company or an individual investor who opens an account and invests abroad, investing in unapproved financial products is not within the jurisdiction of the Financial Supervisory Commission. Once something happens, really can only ask for luck.

Source: “Weekly Today” Issue 1369
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