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The Mercedes-Benz forward GLA and GLB minor facelifts are on the line again and again!Replacing with light oil and electric power is more fuel-efficient- Free Electronic Newspaper Auto Channel

Following the official appearance of the new-generation GLC Coupe, Mercedes-Benz continued to release minor facelifts GLA and GLB. In addition to the adjustments to the exterior and interior, the focus of the evolution is the full introduction of gasoline power with the blessing of 48V light oil-electric technology, which can further improve fuel consumption performance .

Mercedes released the facelifted GLA (above) and GLB (below), launching a new wave of SUV offensive.

In terms of appearance, the small facelift GLA and GLB show new ideas by updating the style of the front grille and the shape of the front and rear bumpers. At the same time, the LED daytime running lights and the rear light guide strip have also been redesigned as the key points of new car identification.

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The appearance of the facelift has been slightly adjusted to show the novelty.

The slightly facelifted GLA and GLB cars maintain the existing layout, and the high-end models are upgraded with dual 10.25-inch screen configurations. The new-generation MBUX in-vehicle system also supports wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and strengthens the smart voice control function to enhance technological convenience Spend. In addition, the new capacitive steering wheel is also a highlight of the facelifted interior.

ef98876514.jpgHigh-end models come standard with dual 10.25-inch screens and a new steering wheel. This is the interior of the facelifted GLA.

88df90feeb.jpgNot much has changed inside the car, but the center saddle has been made simpler. This is the interior of the facelifted GLB.

Both provide 1.3-liter, 2.0-liter straight four-turbo gasoline and 2.0-liter straight-four diesel power options, of which gasoline power is fully introduced with 48V light oil-electric technology, which can provide an additional 14 horsepower output support and has a coasting function. Further improve energy-saving performance. In addition, the facelifted GLA has also added a PHEV model, with a combined output of 218 hp/45.9 kg and a pure electric cruising range of up to 70 kilometers.

As for the AMG 35 performance model that appeared at the same time, it adopts AMG exclusive configurations such as a straight waterfall radiator guard, a full-vehicle aerodynamic kit, 19-inch two-color aluminum rim, and a sporty interior to further strengthen its own dynamic running style while maintaining power. The 2.0-liter straight four-turbocharged gasoline engine is configured, but it is also supported by 48V light oil and electricity, which can output a strong kinetic energy of 306 hp/40.8 kg. 5.2 seconds (GLA 35) and 5.5 seconds (GLB 35).


5016a0ceff.jpgAMG models enhance their performance momentum through a number of exclusive configurations. The picture above shows the GLA, and the picture below shows the GLB.

1602e959b1.jpgThe racing seats are a highlight of the interior of the AMG models.

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