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The two U.S. automakers, which have been at war with each other for the past two years, appear to be moving towards a settlement. During the two CEOs’ conversation on Twitter, Ford CEO Farley said that starting next year, Ford’s new electric vehicles will be able to use Tesla charging stations.

Ford only announced this week that the future electric vehicle sales model will adopt direct online purchases, and now it has further stated that Ford EVs will be able to use Tesla’s super charging stations, leaving the past of the two companies spamming each other in the past.

There are not very complete details of the cooperation yet, but Ford CEO Jim Farley pointed out that starting next year (2024), Ford’s existing electric vehicles, including Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning and E-transit, will You can use the adapter to charge quickly at Tesla’s super charging station.

“Starting in 2025, Ford’s next-generation electric vehicles will have built-in NACS charging heads.” Ford said that the new generation of Ford electric vehicles no longer need adapters, and can directly use Tesla super charging stations.

For Tesla, they don’t mind opening the world’s largest charging network to other car manufacturers, because Tesla’s goal is to make electric vehicles more popular, so Rebecca Tinucci, director of Tesla’s charging network, immediately welcomed it. We hope that Ford owners will march towards a sustainable mobility future together.

For Ford, the change has two clear benefits. First of all, they can allow car owners to use the world’s largest charging network without spending huge costs. Although it is only in the United States and Canada at this stage, it is not a problem to expand to other regions in the future, as long as the charging specifications are the same.

▲ NACS connectors are much simpler than CCS. (Source: Tesla)

Secondly, Tesla’s charging head specification was renamed NACS (North American Charging Standard) last year. It is widely considered to be the most reliable, compact and lightweight design in the industry. Adopting this specification will save cost and weight, and also Make the overall appearance more neat.

At the end of 2022, after Tesla announced the opening of the charging head, only Aptera solar car, a new innovation, announced its adoption, and large car manufacturers are waiting to see. Ford’s heavy attack this time, putting down its figure, can indeed bring more benefits to Ford owners.

(First image source: Ford)

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