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ASUS joins forces with PChome to launch laptop subscription plan, ROG top-end laptop with monthly payment of 3 Qianyouchao


Following the launch of the unique “iPhone Subscription Plan” in the Taiwan market for the first time last year, PChome has cooperated with ASUS to launch the “ASUS Notebook Subscription Plan”.

PChome’s 21st Century Digital “Instalment Fun” service joins hands with ASUS to launch the “ASUS Notebook Subscription Plan”, using ROG Gamer Republic’s top-notch e-sports notebooks to capture the top customer groups such as e-sports players and video game live broadcasters. At the same time, it meets the consumer needs of the new generation of customers who are seeking innovation, speed and change.

ASUS has launched the first wave of top-end models priced from NT$59,999 to NT$149,999, including ROG Flow Z13, ROG Strix SCAR 18, and the world’s first 4K dual-screen gaming laptop ROG Zephyrus Duo. 16. You only need to go to the designated page of “Instalment Fun” to select a subscription plan, apply online and complete the review. The subscription products will be delivered to your home, and you can enjoy card-free installment payment, exclusive device warranty and repair, and promise to quickly arrange for replacement of new phones and recycling of old phones every other year. One-stop service.

After the one-year subscription period expires, you can decide according to your needs: “Re-subscribe|Old machine recycling”, “Re-subscribe|Old machine buyout”, “Old machine extended subscription|Old machine no recycling after one year”, “End subscription| There are a total of 5 options including “Old Phone Recycling” and “End Subscription|Old Phone Buyout”, providing more flexibility in choice.

▲ ASUS laptop subscription plan launches 3 top-of-the-range ROG models.

“We are committed to providing merchants and consumers with innovative and convenient financial technology products. In the future, in addition to continuing to expand the diversity of product subscription options, we will also plan integrated subscription services for different product attributes that are more in line with consumer expectations to satisfy consumers’ desire for novelty. , speed, and changing shopping needs.” Zhou Houyu, general manager of 21st Century Digital Technology, said that he hopes to form alliances with more partners to jointly create more diversified subscription consumption application scenarios.

It is worth mentioning that with the new launch of the iPhone 15 series, PChome will launch the iPhone 15 “Renewal Subscription Plan” this week and the “New Subscription Plan” will start on Friday, September 22.

21st Century Digital relies on its long-term experience in (Buy Now Pay Later) services, combines AI calculation systems and big data analysis, and works hard on insurance cost design to fully meet the needs of Apple iPhones and Asus laptops. Risk control of the two major subscription plans. However, when it announced the “iPhone Subscription Plan” last year, PChome boasted that other product subscription plans would soon be available to the consumer public, but it had to wait a whole year.

(Image source: ASUS)

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