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Orders are not improving!An additional 848 people were added to the unpaid leave, and 140 people were added to the first implementation of bicycle parts.


The Ministry of Labor announced the latest overtime and rest (unpaid leave) statistics today (18th). There are 41 new companies with 848 employees in this period. Officials from the Ministry of Labor said that the majority are still in the manufacturing industry, including a bicycle parts company. 140 people in the industry were implemented for the first time, and 1 vacuum equipment industry had only a dozen people on unpaid leave in August. By September, as many as 180 people had been notified of the continuous implementation.

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Orders are not improving! An additional 848 people were put on unpaid leave, and 140 people were added to bicycle parts for the first time.File photo: Central News Agency

According to the latest statistics released by the Ministry of Labor today (18th), there are 642 companies with 11,738 people working overtime and rest. Wang Jinrong, deputy director of the Department of Labor Conditions and Employment Equality of the Ministry of Labor, said that compared with the previous period (9/8), this year’s During the period, 41 new companies and 848 people were added, of which the manufacturing industry alone accounted for 23 companies and 712 people, still the largest number.

She said that although a few individual businesses have received urgent orders, the overall situation is still relatively serious at present, mainly due to the decrease in orders. The number of people taking unpaid leave in the manufacturing industry has increased from more than 8,000 to 9,000 in June and July to more than 10,000 in late August and early September. Although it has returned to more than 9,000 in the last two periods, it still needs to be observed.

Wang Jinrong analyzed that among the unpaid leave implemented in the manufacturing industry in this period, the basic electromechanical industry mainly increased by 15 companies and 629 people. Among them, there were more than two individual manufacturers. One was making bicycle components. This was the first time that it was implemented. Overtime rest There are 140 people to apply, and it is expected to be implemented for three months, with 8 to 10 days off each month.

There is a vacuum equipment factory that implemented unpaid leave for more than a dozen people in August. This time, it notified more than 180 people, so it is equivalent to an increase of nearly 170 people. It is implemented continuously, and the same period is three months, with 8 days off per month. ~10 days, both companies are factors in reducing orders.

In addition, there are also four information electronics companies with 151 employees. Among them, one company in the information electronics industry employs about 70 people. It makes optical products and has four days off per month for three months. The others are small. The number of employees in the chemical and livelihood industries has dropped by more than 30, and both are mainly small-scale or continuous implementation.

In addition, Wang Jinrong mentioned that a lighting manufacturer is special. It originally implemented unpaid leave for 150 people until the end of September, but the implementation was suspended by the beginning of September after receiving short orders. She said that the manufacturing industry is all due to changes in orders. Some manufacturers will suspend implementation early if they receive short or urgent orders. However, the company also said that it will need to re-evaluate whether it will be implemented again in the future.

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