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The cheapest 4G light speed all-you-can-eat monthly rental fee starts at 157 yuan, mobile phone 0 yuan to take away

[Source/Jiesheng Communications]

The three telecommunications giants are waging a tariff war. In addition to welcoming the 5G monthly rental fee for the new iPhone, Jiesheng Telecommunications has also launched the lowest-priced 4G monthly rental plan in the market. From now until September 30, it is available at Jiesheng Telecommunications stores across Taiwan. Code to apply for Chunghwa Telecom, Far EasTone and Asia Pacific Telecom, 4G network all-you-can-eat, the minimum monthly payment is only 157 yuan, with designated mobile phones and tablets, you can also take away for 0 yuan, application qualification restrictions and quotas need to be confirmed at the store Inquiry-based.

If you just chat and social media and don’t need 5G network speed, is there any cheap 4G all-you-can-eat plan? The largest telecommunications store chain in Taiwan, Jiesheng Communications, said that in addition to being budget-conscious to buy an iPhone, the most popular item during the “88 Tariff Festival” period this time is the extension of Chunghwa Telecom’s monthly payment of 157 yuan, which allows you to easily use 4G. For daily Internet access, it only requires basic Users who plan to meet their needs can enjoy 1GB of free Internet access per month. If the free Internet access exceeds the limit, it will be adjusted to 128Kbps. They can also enjoy 20 minutes of free calls within the network and a total of 20 minutes of free calls outside the network and local calls. The plan is bound to 36 months.

For heavy Internet users who want cheaper rates, you can choose to bring your code to Far EasTone Telecommunications before September 30. During the application period, go to Jiesheng Telecom stores across Taiwan and apply for 4G 4G services with a minimum monthly payment of 288 yuan. Easily save on all-you-can-eat speed limits. The contract period is 30 months, and you can enjoy 5GB of mobile Internet per month. Unlimited 4G speed for the first 6 months. The speed will be reduced to 128Kbps, and you can talk on the network for 30 minutes free of charge. The first 3 minutes of calls are free, and additional 30 minutes outside the network are free. There is also 40 minutes of free local calls.

The merger of the two major telecommunications companies has entered the countdown stage. However, all good things come to pass. Before the actual effective date of the merger has been announced, Asia Pacific Telecom is still promoting a preferential tariff plan of “pay 196 per month and make all the calls within the network”. For consumers who are more price-sensitive, Jiesheng Communications said that if you apply for the “monthly payment of 196 for all you want to call within the network”, with a 36-month contract, you can enjoy up to 12GB per month, 4G, unlimited speed Internet access, all you can eat, and the quantity is reduced. It’s all-you-can-eat at 128Mbps; no matter how long the calls within the network are, it’s completely free, and calls outside the network and local calls are free for a total of 30 minutes.

Jiesheng Communications specifically mentioned that this event is mainly for code-carrying users, and is equipped with the lowest 4G tariff plans of the three major telecoms, with mobile phones and tablets starting from 0 yuan, including Motorola Moto e13, Redmi 12C (4GB/64GB) , vivo Y16, HTC Desire 22 Pro, Sony Xperia 10 V and Samsung tablet Galaxy Tab A7 Lite LTE (32GB), etc., you can take them home for as low as 0 yuan. Be sure to take advantage of this wave of discounts. However, application qualifications and quotas still need to be checked on-site at the store.

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