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The world’s top ten best-selling leisure travel products in the first three quarters of 2023 are released! Toyota RAV4 falls from the altar and the champion needs to be replaced


The internationally renowned market research organization “Focus2Move” recently announced the global SUV sales rankings for the first three quarters of 2023. The Toyota RAV4, which has dominated the list for a long time, finally encountered a strong enemy, allowing the Tesla Model Y to usurp the position with an astonishing sales rate, becoming the global SUV sales ranking for the first three quarters of 2023. The sales champion of leisure travel.

Tesla Model Y has become the world’s best-selling SUV in the first three quarters of 2023.

Top 10 global leisure travel sales rankings in the first three quarters of 2023

Tesla Model Y – 888,686 units

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Toyota RAV4 – 652,865 units

Honda CR-V – 498,141 units

Hyundai Tucson – 463,318 vehicles

Kia Sportage – 385,378 units

Volkswagen Tiguan – 375,824 units

Mazda CX-5 – 262,195 units

Volkswagen T-Roc – 260,490 units

Audi Q5 – 248,657 units

Honda HR-V – 246,962 units

Model Y, Tesla’s main SUV, has achieved excellent sales results in the global market. Last year, it ranked second in the world’s best-selling SUV. This year, it is in full swing. In the first three quarters of this year, global cumulative sales have reached 888,686 vehicles. It has successfully widened the gap with the second-placed Toyota RAV4. If it can continue its momentum, it is expected to win the title of best-selling SUV and best-selling car in one fell swoop this year.

The Toyota RAV4, which has been the world’s best-selling SUV from 2019 to 2022, ranked second with 652,865 units. Domestically, the new-style RAV4 was also launched at the end of October. Except for the two gasoline entry-level models, Luxury and Monarch, all other models have been upgraded with a 12.3-inch central control screen and Drive+ Link in-vehicle system to enhance the sense of technology and control convenience.

The Toyota RAV4 sadly lost its title and came in second place.

In July last year, Honda released a completely new facelifted CR-V, which has been launched in global markets. It has been well received. Taiwan Honda introduced localization in July this year and has become a leader in the domestic leisure travel market with a steady growth in sales. It is a frequent visitor in the previous class, and in the global travel sales rankings in the first three quarters of 2023, it ranked third with 498,141 units.

4fc10a8b92.jpgThe Honda CR-V moved into third place with solid sales.

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