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10 ESG companies in biotechnology survey, Grape King wins the championship – Free Finance

10 ESG companies in biotechnology survey, Grape King wins the championship – Free Finance
10 ESG companies in biotechnology survey, Grape King wins the championship – Free Finance

Li Rongzhang:

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2019, environmental awareness has gradually increased, and attention from all walks of life to the biotechnology industry has also increased significantly. Whether it is new drug research and development or clinical trials, these biotechnology companies not only shoulder the mission of solving public health problems, but also keep pace with sustainable trends. Nor can we fall behind. In this issue, QuickseeK ESGdata observes the reputation ranking of the biotechnology industry in the first three quarters of 2023 through environmental, social and governance. It is found that Grape King stands out from the crowd and is involved in all aspects, but the topic has many exposures. Disseminated through the news media, it is difficult to spread to private forums; as for other biotechnology companies, their ESG voices are relatively rare, or they have received many negative reviews, resulting in generally low ESG reputation scores. Reputation management should be conducted based on pain points.

1. The ESG reputation ranking of the biotech industry is announced!Grape king stands out

QuickseeK ESGdata conducted an ESG reputation analysis on 10 biotechnology companies and listed the following rankings according to the scores (out of 10 points). The data shows that the reputation score of Grape King reached 8.1 points and the total number of comments was 1,846. Although the number of comments is not high, However, it received a lot of praise, which raised the overall score; the second place was Dajiang with a score of 7.3 points and a total of 979 comments; the third place was Dashu with a reputation score of 6.5 points and a total of 642 comments. It is worth noting that the high-end vaccine with the highest total volume fell into fourth place, with a score of 6.4 points and a total volume of 8,188 transactions. Because of the huge volume of voices, there are many negative reviews, especially those involving insider trading or stock speculation. , dragging down score performance.

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ESG survey of 10 biotechnology companies, Grape King wins the championship. (File photo)

Judging from the topic, Grape King’s products have gained good exposure due to the promotion of many celebrity Internet celebrities, and can maintain a positive interaction with consumers, bringing extra points. In addition, Grape King’s commitment to the environment, society and governance can be seen The footprints of promoting the concept of sustainability. Second place Dajiang won the three major innovation awards in the 2023 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards, focusing on efficient, innovative, and sustainable product design. Dashu, who placed third, cooperated with various units to launch a blood donation charity event and launched a series of social services.

As for Zhongtian (1) and Heyi (3.9) in the latter class, there are few voices. The topic of sustainability is only sporadically exposed in the news media, and private discussions are even less popular. Yaohua Yao (4.9) has slightly more voices. Although there are recognitions of winning outstanding corporate awards, most discussions still focus on the company’s finances or performance, and its achievements in sustainability are harder to detect.

2. ESG three-dimensional analysis: Grape King covers all aspects; governance score is low

QuickseeK ESGdata then analyzed the reputational performance of the three major aspects of ESG in the biotech industry and found that biotech companies generally have low scores in governance. Grape King’s scores in all aspects are still the champion, but starting from second place, the scores in each aspect are The rankings have begun to change, and we will further observe from the topic below.

*Reputation score algorithm: Based on the differences in the volume and favorability of each indicator, standardized calculations are performed through quick analysis algorithm technology to obtain the reputation score of three indicators (environment, society, and governance). The average after adding up is the corporate ESG reputation score. .

(1) Environment

First of all, in terms of the environment, we can see that Grape King (9.7) is ahead of its peers. It has not only signed up to join the SBTti science-based carbon reduction target initiative, and promoted green electricity and plastic reduction in response to World Environment Day, but also developed new products through industry-university cooperation and promoted mycoprotein. Use to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Dajiang (8.2) also takes environmental sustainability into consideration in product design, promotes zero-carbon manufacturing, green supply chain and other sustainable performance, and invites employees to respond to carbon reduction by providing free low-carbon meals. Dajiang is also among the first batch in Taiwan to join RE100 companies have committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2023. The score of the third-placed tree (6.7) began to show a gap. After observing its environmental performance, it worked with partners to develop “environmentally friendly limited edition” diaper products. The store also introduced the concept of environmental protection and plastic reduction and reused waste. The environment is optimized, but the volume is relatively sparse compared to the top two, making it difficult to climb the score.

(2) Society

In terms of social comparison, Grape King (9.3) still ranks first. In addition to coaching mushroom farmers to cooperate and promote local industrial value, it also works with public welfare groups to continue to care for the disadvantaged and attracts others through donations to orphans; high-end vaccines (9.3) Due to its large social reputation, it tied for first place with Grape King, mainly because its vaccine “products” triggered heated discussions in social forums, which raised its score and ranking.

Dajiang (8.9) collaborated with affiliated companies to organize the “Dream Exploration Camp” to help rural students realize their dreams and invest in rural education through donating books; Dashu (8.5) also organized a “Caring for Social Welfare Movie Appreciation Activity” to work with parents in the support center Enjoy fun time with school children.

(3) Governance

Observing the topic, we found that Grape King (5.4) is committed to innovative research and development and has won many awards this year. In addition to the “new drug-like” model development of probiotics, which won the annual industry innovation award, the “Grape Seed Project-Good Pregnancy Guard” project also won the annual industrial innovation award. Won the Silver Award in the Social Inclusion Category of the 2023 “TSAA Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards”; in addition, it can be seen from news media reports that the proportion of women on Grape King’s board of directors reaches 42%, which is much higher than the average ratio of female directors of listed companies. 14%.

The second-place Yaohua Pharmaceutical (4.8) won the “2023 Asia-Pacific Outstanding Enterprise Award” Excellence in Corporate Management Award and was recognized for its diversified development. The rest of the governance discussions focused on financial and performance topics. Dajiang (4.7) and Baorui (4.7) are equally ranked in terms of governance scores. Dajiang was recognized for its innovative business model and won the “Three Innovation Awards of the 2023 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards”, while Baorui won the “Outstanding Student of the 2023 Taiwan BIO Awards”. Industrial Gold Award of “Technology Industry Award”.

Governance scores are generally not high, and topics are difficult to connect with consumers. Many topics about biotechnology companies winning innovation awards have been exposed in the news, but no one discusses them. It is worth noting that although high-end vaccines (3.6) have the highest governance volume (7,480 transactions), they have been involved in negative topics such as insider trading and stock speculation, resulting in a poor perception from the outside world, causing the ranking to drop to eighth.

3. Biotechnology industry ESG ranking: summary of the first three quarters

Through the ESG reputation ranking analysis of the biotechnology industry, QuickseeK ESGdata observed that Grape King’s performance was the most outstanding in the first three quarters of this year. All environmental protection concepts, social care or innovative research and development can be seen in the news media, but the overall voice is relatively low. Few, and rarely discussed on social forums. If we can find suitable communication channels for publicity, sustainable results can be fully exposed and let more people know what efforts Grape King has made on ESG.

As for other biotechnology companies, their sustainable practices exposed in the news are already rare, and it is even harder for the topic to spread to social consumers. Even if they win many innovation awards in governance, the public may not be able to receive these messages, so it is difficult to generate news. Resonance, and the huge negative noise accumulated by high-end in terms of governance shows that the corporate image is in urgent need of management, and crises should be prevented through reputation optimization.

In this regard, QuickseeK ESGdata also provides a variety of customized ESG reports, including corporate ESG reputation analysis reports, ESG communication effectiveness reports, etc., to help companies formulate ESG strategies and solutions, determine communication targets and exposure channels, and then regularly track the effectiveness of publicity through data , in order to ensure that the corporate image is fully displayed and create a good ESG reputation.

(Li Rongzhang is the chairman of Asia Index Digital Marketing Company)

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