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The merger base dates for Taiwan’s two major telecom mergers, “Taiwan Merger” and “Far Asia Merger”, will take effect on December 1 and 15, respectively.Chunghwa TelecomNew Taiwan University, and New Far EasTone are three pillars, facing the competition situation of the “New Telecommunications Three”, the first step will be the decisive battle with “Internet”. New Taiwan University and New Far EasTone both emphasized that they must achieve a sense of belonging as soon as they merge, and the overall The successive network consolidations will take a year. The leader Chunghwa Telecom must continue to maintain its lead, continue to invest, and introduce new technologies to stabilize its throne.

According to the latest statistics from the NCC, Chunghwa Telecom currently has approximately 11.164 million mobile users, New Taiwan Da (Taiwan Da plus Taiwan Star) 9.726 million, and New Far EasTone (Far EasTone plus Asia Pacific Telecom) 9.217 million. All three major telecommunications companies have With tens of millions of users, spectrum and network resources will also become more scalable. By then, “network quality” will be one of the keys to attracting users.

Far EasTone TelecomGuo Junjie, executive vice president of network and technology group, said that New FarEasTone will increase the bandwidth by 66% at the golden low frequency of 700MHz, which is the largest continuous low frequency in the industry and has the best penetration rate. At the same time, it will consolidate base stations and replace 5,000 bases. station, the AI ​​energy-saving and energy management system was introduced, saving 86 million kilowatt hours of electricity every year. After the merger, the number of base stations increased to 12,500, and the network coverage rate available to users increased by up to 92%. Within one month of the merger base date, all new Far EasTone stations in Taiwan Users will “feel” it.

Kuo Yutai, chief technology officer of Taiwan, pointed out that Taiwan has made plans and preparations for network consolidation because of the higher difficulty. The key is that users must be very impressed with the improvement of network quality in a short period of time. First, Taiwan Star 3G network is shut down, moved to Taiwan’s large network, consolidated4G5G base stations on both sides will not only provide 5G’s 3.5GHz 60M bandwidth for new Taiwan users, but will also integrate Taiwan Star’s 3.5G 40MHz bandwidth to provide network services through CA carrier aggregation, which can be reflected The power of the 5G network with 100MHz bandwidth will be gradually integrated into the core network. It is estimated that the network integration plan will be completed within one year after the merger is launched.

Compared to New Taiwan Telecom and New Far EasTone, which have improved network efficiency by integrating spectrum and networks, Chunghwa Telecom has actively responded by continuing to build 5G networks while expanding 4G capacity.

Jian Zhicheng, general manager of Chunghwa Telecom Network Technology Branch, said that Chunghwa Telecom carries out 5G construction with a strategy of equal emphasis on speed and coverage. In addition to introducing the C-RAN (cloud-based radio access network) advanced architecture, it has the mainstream mobile broadband frequency band Sub 6GHz. The maximum usable bandwidth and maximum continuous bandwidth of 290MHz have been built to build the most mobile base stations in the country. It also uses the new carrier aggregation services of 5G 2CA (carrier aggregation) and 4G 4CA to integrate dispersed spectrum and provide a maximum download rate of more than 2Gbps, which is higher than The previous network speed limit has been increased by more than 10% and has been introduced in important business districts, colleges and universities, science and technology parks, national highway service areas and other places.


The benchmark date for the merger of the two major mergers in the telecommunications industry, “Taiwan Taiwan Merger” and “Far Asia Merger” is approaching, and whether the merged users need to change their SIM cards has attracted much attention. NCC stated that Taiwan Star users do not need to change their SIM cards, and Asia Pacific Telecom users do not need to change their SIM cards immediately. They can still use them, but they will need to be replaced in stages in the future.

The two major telecom mergers have successively passed the review of the National Communications Commission (NCC) and the Fair Council. The base date for the merger of Taiwan Mobile and Taiwan Star is December 1 this year, and the base date for the merger of Far EasTone Telecommunications and Asia Pacific Telecom is December 15. On this day, the telecommunications industry will usher in the “New Three Kingdoms Era”.

The official websites of Taiwan Star and Asia Pacific Telecom both announced the merger of FAQ information. Taiwan Star pointed out that due to the need for data transfer and integration with the Taiwan Mobile system before the merger, the Taiwan Star official website and APP will temporarily suspend services. The impact time is expected to be from 10 pm on November 30 to 9 am on December 1.

After the merger base date, whether users of Taiwan Star and Asia Pacific Telecom need to change their SIM cards, NCC deputy chairman and spokesman Weng Baizhong said that whether users need to change their SIM cards depends on the telecommunications equipment brands of the two merged operators. The telecommunications equipment of Taiwan Mobile and Taiwan Star are from the same brand, so only network architecture and technical adjustments are required, and original Taiwan Star users do not need to change their SIM cards.

Weng Baizong said that the telecommunications equipment of Far EasTone and Asia Pacific Telecom belong to different brands, and the merger basis will not need to be replaced in the future. Subsequently, according to the Far EasTone Asia Pacific merger plan, the original Asia Pacific users will still need to replace their SIM cards in stages.

According to the official website of Asia Pacific, users of Asia Pacific who have not changed their SIM cards can still use it normally. After the official merger, Far EasTone will proactively notify users to go to physical or online stores to transfer to Far EasTone, change their SIM cards, and enjoy the most complete services based on their individual circumstances.

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The merger base dates for Taiwan’s two major telecom mergers, “Taiwan Merger” and “Far Asia Merger”, will take effect on December 1st and 15th, respectively. At that time, the three major telecommunications companies – Chunghwa Telecom, New Taiwan Telecom, and New Telecom…

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