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Public indicators are bearish on Taiwan stocks!Shareholder confidence hits lowest level in nearly ten months


Public indicators are bearish on Taiwan stocks! Taiwan stocks fell for three consecutive months from August to October, with the index falling by 1,200 points and falling below the 10,000 mark, which impacted investor confidence and hit a new low in nearly 10 months. Cathay Financial announced today (20th) the latest “National Economic Confidence” for November. According to the results of the survey, the public optimism index for Taiwan stocks has declined for five consecutive months, and 32.6% of the people expect it to fall in the next six months, exceeding the bullish rate for the first time this year. However, there are still 28.4% of people who want to buy time deposits and enter the market to grab a rebound. (Extended reading: Do you feel about the salary increase? 64% of people have not received a salary increase, and a quarter expect a salary increase of more than 3% next year)

Public indicators are bearish on Taiwan stocks! Shareholder confidence hit a new low in nearly ten months.File photo: Central News Agency (CNA)

32.6% of people are bearish than bullish for the first time

Looking forward to the next six months, the number of people who are optimistic about the rise of Taiwan stocks continues to decrease compared with October. The remaining 32.6% of ordinary people believe that Taiwan stocks have a chance to rise. In October, 34.2% of people were optimistic. In September, 36.9% were optimistic, which is already high. The proportion of those who thought it would rise was 32.2%.

Therefore, according to the latest October national economic confidence survey released by Cathay Pacific today (20th), the public’s optimism index for Taiwan stocks has declined for five consecutive months, and has turned from a positive number last month to a negative number, from 4.1 to -0.4. This The number is a new low in nearly 10 months since January this year.

The stock market risk preference index, which represents those who are willing to bravely enter the market, also fell from 13.3 in September to 11.9, and further fell to 10.3 in November. decline.

In November, 28.4% of people still wanted to buy time deposits, which was lower than that in September and October.

Although the Taiwan stock market has fallen by more than 1,200 points since August, there are still people who are not afraid of investment risks and are willing to use cash or pay deposits to buy stocks. 28.4% want to enter the market at low prices, but this is lower than the 30.3% in September and October. %, 29.1% continued to decline. This means that investors’ willingness to take risks to enter the market has also continued to decline.

Chen Qinqi, associate director of Cathay Financial’s Economic Research Office, believes that the international financial market is range-bound, stock market optimism continues to decline, and risk appetite is simultaneously declining. During the November survey, the market had divergent views on the monetary policies of major central banks, international stock markets fluctuated in ranges, and investors were cautious in trading.

This survey of Cathay Gold was conducted from November 1 to 7, 2023. An email questionnaire was sent to members of Cathay Life’s official website and customers of Cathay World Bank, and a total of 14,287 valid questionnaires were successfully collected.

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