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To welcome big orders from AI and Apple, TSMC’s SoIC production capacity is expected to jump next year | TechNews


Under the AI ​​wave led by NVIDIA, the demand for CoWoS has tripled, forcing TSMC to fully expand its CoWoS production capacity. Its ambitions in advanced packaging are not limited to this. Recently, it has been reported in the industry that the company is aggressively expanding SoIC (System Integration Single Chip) production capacity. The monthly production capacity will jump from the current approximately 1,900 pieces to more than 3,000 pieces in 2024. It is also actively pursuing orders from equipment manufacturers, and related supply chains can be expected. 2024 will bring good times.

CoWoS is a mature technology that has been developed for 15 years. The industry estimates that the monthly production capacity of CoWoS is expected to reach 30,000 to 34,000 pieces by the end of next year. TSMC is even betting on 3D stacked SoIC. According to industry reports, AMD MI300, the first major customer, uses SoIC (System Integrated Chip) with CoWoS. If successful, AMD is expected to conquer the field of AI servers, and TSMC’s SoIC will also be a representative product.

It is worth noting that Apple, TSMC’s largest customer, is also very interested in SoIC. It is reported that SoIC will be combined with Hybrid molding (thermoplastic carbon fiber board composite molding technology). It is currently undergoing small-scale trial production and is expected to be mass-produced in 2025~2026. It is planned to be used in Mac, iPad and other products, and the manufacturing cost is more advantageous than the current solution. TSMC is actively expanding SoIC production capacity, mainly in response to the booming demand of AI and Apple.

Industry insiders further analyzed that unlike AMD, Apple plans to use SoIC with Hybrid molding solutions, mainly based on comprehensive considerations such as product design, positioning, and cost. If SoIC is successfully introduced into bulk consumer electronics products such as NB and mobile phones in the future, it is expected to create more demand and capacity, and greatly increase the willingness of other major customers to follow suit.

Furthermore, NVIDIA, another major customer of TSMC’s advanced packaging, currently mainly uses CoWoS packaging technology for high-end products, but the industry believes that SoIC technology will be further introduced in the future. With the support of the three major manufacturers AMD, Apple, and NVIDIA, TSMC is confident in its expansion of SoIC production, and has predicted that future high-end chip manufacturing and advanced packaging orders will be firmly bound.

TSMC SoIC is the industry’s first high-density 3D small chip stacking technology. Through Chip on Wafer (CoW) packaging technology, dies of different sizes, functions, and nodes can be heterogeneously integrated. It has been launched at Zhunan Factory 6 (AP6) mass production. According to industry sources, SoIC technology is still in its infancy. The monthly production capacity will be about 1,900 pieces by the end of this year. It is expected to reach more than 3,000 pieces next year, and there is a chance that it will increase to more than 7,000 pieces in 2027.

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