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PCBs from both sides of the Taiwan Strait go to Thailand, which will be a new battlefield | TechNews Technology News

PCBs from both sides of the Taiwan Strait go to Thailand together, which will be a new battlefield

The global electronics industry supply chain has been reorganized due to geopolitical relations. PCB manufacturers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait have set up production bases in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand. It is estimated that more than 20 PCB manufacturers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait have announced investment plans in Thailand. The PCB industry has also opened up a new battlefield in Southeast Asia. Thailand is expected to become a new PCB production cluster. The cluster can reduce manufacturers’ logistics and procurement costs, and can also stimulate industry innovation and breakthroughs.

From the perspective of Taiwanese factories, the main markets that Qianjin Thailand is targeting include servers and automotive boards. Due to Sino-US relations, almost all customers of server boards require that they cannot be produced in China. In addition to Taiwan, customers also demand that it be better to have more There is no production capacity outside the cross-strait, so it is necessary to move production to Southeast Asia, and Thailand has the most.

In addition to server boards, Taiwanese manufacturers are also targeting the demand for automotive boards. They are optimistic that there are already local assembly clusters of international car manufacturers, which can cooperate with customers in nearby production. However, the verification period of doing car factory business is long, and the establishment of a factory in Thailand will have to wait until it can really make a contribution. A longer waiting time is required.

From the perspective of Chinese-funded factories, nearly 100% of the production of Chinese factories was originally in China. Since the end of last year, major Chinese-funded manufacturers have announced that they will set up factories in Thailand. This is a new milestone for China’s PCB industry to move overseas. According to Taiwan Circuit According to statistics from the PCB Association TPCA, the first phase of mass production of this wave of investment by Chinese factories will approximately fall from the second half of 2024 to 2026. It is estimated that the output value of Chinese-funded PCB overseas production will increase to 1.5% to 2.0% in 2026.

Among them, the development of the automobile industry is also another highlight of Chinese-owned board manufacturers. Automobiles have always been a key supporting industry in China, especially new energy vehicles. In May this year, the government officially promoted new energy vehicles to go to the countryside. If the goal can be achieved, the economic scale will be enlarged again, and its influence on PCB products will be no less than that of computers, communications and consumer products, so it is also the main target market for Chinese-funded factories to enter Thailand.

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