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[Xin Raider Morning Post]Microsoft Huida’s stock price hits a new high! AI trio Quanta, Wistron and Gigabyte “increase investment”, don’t hesitate! | Anue Juheng


U.S. stocks continued to rise this morning, and the benefits of lower U.S. bond yields continued to grow. The share prices of two heavily rated stocks, Microsoft (MSFT-US) and NVDA-US, both hit intraday and closing record highs. U.S. stocks will open tomorrow. Huida’s subsequent financial report is the most important focus of US stocks this week. The Dow Jones rose 0.5%, the S&P rose 0.7%, the tech-heavy Nasdaq rose 1.1%, and the Federal Reserve rose an even greater 1.5%. The yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury bond is now at 4.422%. The U.S. dollar index has hit its lowest point since the end of August and is now at 103.4930. New York gold fell slightly by 0.2% to US$1,980 per ounce. However, note that crude oil has risen sharply for two consecutive trading days. New York crude oil has risen sharply for two consecutive trading days. It rose another 2.2% this morning.

In terms of individual stocks, Apple (AAPL-US) rose 0.9%, Microsoft (MSFT-US) rose 2.0%, META-US rose 1.4%, Amazon (AMZN-US) rose 0.6%, Google (GOOG-US) rose 0.7%, and Servo Semiconductor index Super Micro (SMCI-US) experienced a large increase, rising nearly 5.5%. Semiconductor NVDA (NVDA-US) rose 2.2%. The stock price rose 2.2% and exceeded the $500 round mark. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD-US) Up 0.7%, memory maker Micron (MU-US) rose 1.3%, a new high in a year, Tesla (TSLA-US) edged up 0.5%, and weight-loss drug maker Novo Nordisk (NVO-US) It rose 2.1%, and the stock price is just shy of a new all-time high.

Last week, the four major U.S. stock indexes began to slow down their high-end gains. However, U.S. stocks are still strong this morning. Regardless of Huida’s financial report, what is currently reflected is the market’s optimistic expectations of the end of the FED’s interest rate hike cycle. However, The stock price has also risen sharply. The U.S. stock market has reached a relatively high level this year, and there is another big debate between bulls and bears on Wall Street. Bulls believe that the S&P 500 Index will hit another record high, while bears believe that the stock market will collapse. All opinions have appeared, but both bullish and bearish views believe that there is a high chance of a short-term pullback, which is why they place so much hope on Huida’s financial report. Last week, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Skew Index (SKEW) was mentioned. ) In other words, we often say that the black swan index suddenly rises sharply, which means that the U.S. stock market continues to rise but there are considerable short-selling transactions for hedging. The teacher’s conclusion is that the market believes that regardless of whether the bulls want to reach new highs, the short-term index should first Pull back and go up again, and this window period is what the teacher said today that the current Taiwan stock market is the “main market in the industry.” As the name suggests, the main market in the industry is a buying order mainly based on legal persons and main real accounts in the industry (especially the main large players). It does not focus on the foreign investment of big names. The characteristic is that there will be quite a few stocks hitting the daily limit every day, and they are all small and medium-sized. Most stocks do not even consider fundamentals, and the short-term rise will be very sharp. For example, Jinlike (3228-TW) continued to expand losses in the first three quarters of this year, and ALi (3041-TW) did the same, but the stock price rushed. Continuing to hit daily limits and highs,

The teacher reminded everyone in the morning report last week and this morning that this wave of market conditions will be dominated by small and medium-sized stocks until the end of the year or even the first quarter of next year. The stock market will be very lively. Are you ready?

Judging from the contents of the US stock market this morning, the US server giant Super Micro (SMCI-US) has surged and has the potential to challenge new highs. The three AI heroes in the Taiwan stock market are really aggrieved. Last week, the teacher suggested a layout, and today we are It is recommended to increase your investment in Quanta (2382-TW), Wistron (3231-TW), and Gigabyte (2376-TW). Although the teacher chose Gigabyte (2376-TW), if my investment friends have other AI concept stocks, they don’t know how to operate them. Yes, you can join the teacher’s LINE and follow us in and out.

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Source of article: Analyst Chen Zhilin/Hengda Investment Consulting

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