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Traders are looking at stocks: The index fluctuates before closing. Which low-end stocks should be paid attention to? | Anue Juheng – Expert opinion

Traders are looking at stocks: The index fluctuates before closing. Which low-end stocks should be paid attention to? | Anue Juheng – Expert opinion
Traders are looking at stocks: The index fluctuates before closing. Which low-end stocks should be paid attention to? | Anue Juheng – Expert opinion

On Monday, Taiwan stocks encountered resistance from the short side, and most stocks fluctuated under the market during the session. It was not until the end of the session that the index turned bullish. The index rose by 1 point and closed at 17210 points. The K-line closed with a cross again. If we look at the market through futures, although the Taiwan index futures closed in the black on Monday, they hit a new intraday high of 17,288 points. Bulls still dominate the market. In the short term, it was previously mentioned that Taiwan stocks are expected to have a monthly level sunrise signal this month, and the medium and long-term trend will increase again. Before the end of this year, there will be a chance to challenge the high of 17,463 points in July this year. Currently, as the Taiwan dollar has turned from depreciating to rising, foreign capital has begun to cover Taiwan stocks. As long as the Taiwan dollar does not depreciate strongly in the future, it will not be difficult for many parties to continue to attack. When entering the previous high counter-pressure zone in the short term, it is inevitable that the shock will intensify. It will be observed whether the upward trend of this wave will continue to be too high within 3 days. If it can continue, it means that the Taiwan stock market is still strong and bullish.

For the parties that are preparing to challenge this year’s highs, there are currently many available weapons, including (1) capital reflow, Taiwan dollar appreciation, foreign capital replenishment, and subsequent beneficiary weight stocks, such as TSMC, UMC, Formosa Plastics, and Fubon Financial The main function of indicators such as major industries is to raise the index. (2) Year-end market conditions, groups and legal persons are preparing accounts. Some group stocks have taken the lead in making statements, among which IC design is a large number. It is obvious that even though the industry is relatively conservative, market buying has already planned for a subsequent turnaround in advance, and stock prices have risen sharply. For example, Pan-Egis Group’s Anguo, Xinding, Xunjie, Egis, and Ange, etc., UMC Group’s Original Phase, Faraday Future, Silicon System, etc., MediaTek Group’s MediaTek, ALi, AsiaInfo, etc., and the follow-up can be observed Lingyang Group’s subsidiaries such as Lingyang, Lingtong and Lingyang Innovation have recently entered the AI ​​field, and there will be a turning point in the future. Among them, Lingtong (4952-TW) has entered the field with AI face recognition, gesture recognition and other technologies in the past. Among mainland China’s following drones, it has received orders related to drone brands from major mainland manufacturers. It has recently completed the development of its second-generation AI acceleration engine, which has been adopted by many overseas and mainland customers. It is expected to start shipping this year, and the stock price appears. Compensatory increase. (3) AI topics are constantly being discussed, including edge AI, ASIC, AI applications, etc. This partly overlaps with the above-mentioned point 2. The reason is that among the diverse themes of major groups, the market is still relatively paying for AI, so AI-related stocks, The rising trend is relatively strong. For example, the heat dissipation company Shuanghong has taken the lead in setting a new high in the band. In recent years, Wei Quan Electronics and Sundaco, etc. of the Weichuan Electric Group have also entered the cooling fan driver IC field. Among them, Sundako (4945- TW) As data centers and AI servers consume more energy, the demand and specifications for cooling fans are expected to increase. Related operations are expected to turn around. Revenue in October was 43 million yuan, an annual increase of 141%. It is also worth locking in the future.

As for (4) the presidential election is approaching, future policy stocks have expressed their own opinions. The green camp focuses on energy, heavy electricity, biotech and new drugs, etc., while the blue camp focuses on cross-strait relations, tourism, etc. As the election situation changes, the stock prices of various ethnic groups also vary. ups and downs. In addition, (5) the multi-year dream market, the competition between small and medium-sized electronics is also a highlight. Many low- and medium-priced stocks have seen their stock prices rise multiples due to one theme. Benefiting from the lightweighting of automobiles, Huafu’s stock price was only 34.9 yuan at the end of last year → 131 yuan today. Huacheng, which benefited from Taipower’s power grid strengthening plan, saw its share price at the end of last year from 48.3 yuan to 273 yuan now. Benefiting from the automotive electronics trend, the stock price at the end of last year was only 16.2 yuan → now it is 93.4 yuan. Whether there are similar opportunities to track this year is an important issue from now to the end of the year. Among them, PCB’s Yaohua (2367-TW) has turned a profit in a single quarter in the third quarter of this year, and will follow up in automotive, low-orbit satellites, and entry With the support of AI-related applications, operations will improve next year, and you can also pay attention to more market opportunities to target the Line@ fan club.

Source of article: Analyst Cai Zhenghua of Moore Investment Consulting

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