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Taiwan stock market is optimistic at the end of the year. “Lock-in market capitalization ETF” 00922 has become the new favorite of petty bourgeoisie.


As the interest rate hike cycle comes to an end, the market is optimistic about the year-end market, driving the return of foreign capital, which is conducive to Taiwan stocks returning to a bullish pattern. As a result, the Taiwan dollar has appreciated strongly recently. The legal person suggests that investors can pay attention to market capitalization ETFs to seize the growth opportunities of Taiwan stocks.

00878 It took 4 days to complete the interest payment and the dividends for millions of investors were recorded on 12/12

The Taiwan stock market is optimistic at the end of the year, and the legal person recommends that investors pay attention to market capitalization ETFs. Schematic/Getty Images (Nastassia Samal via Getty Images)

The latest inflation data in the United States shows that the annual CPI growth rate has fallen from a high of 9.1% in June 2022 to 3.2% in October this year. Coupled with the previous cooling of the labor market, the market is optimistic that this round of interest rate hikes will end. It drove international funds back to emerging markets and encouraged Taiwan stocks to break through the 10,000-seven mark.

The Cathay Investment Trust ETF research team said that the revenue growth momentum of Taiwan stocks in the fourth quarter is expected to rise, the mid- to long-term fundamentals remain resilient, and the technical side has become stronger. In addition, the “Xi’s visit” at the China-U.S. G2 Summit has broken the ice and returned relations to a safe track. It will help the situation in Taiwan stabilize and capital flow back. The strong appreciation of the Taiwan dollar will help Taiwan stocks return to a bullish pattern. It is expected that AI and semiconductors will still be the mainstream in the market, and investors can pay attention to market capitalization ETFs.

ETF has two different feelings! 00878 Shareholders surged by more than 10,000 last week 0050 Popularity dropped sharply

Take Cathay Taiwan Leader 50 (00922) as an example. The largest shareholding is TSMC, with a shareholding weight of more than 30%. With orders from three major customers, including Apple, Advanced Micro Devices, and Huida, even though TSMC has not yet released its outlook for the first quarter of next year. , Legal persons are still optimistic that TSMC will challenge the first quarter, the busiest first quarter in history, in the off-season of the first quarter of next year. The performance of TSMC’s stock price is expected to drive the growth of market capitalization ETFs.

In addition to having the opportunity to benefit from the 50 leading Taiwanese companies, 00922 focuses on the company’s “transformation capabilities” or “relative transformation performance within the industry” in the low-carbon field, rather than directly eliminating large weights such as steel and cement based on a single carbon indicator. If companies in the low-carbon transition are excluded based on a single criterion, companies that have added value during the transition may be missed and will be less able to follow the trend of the broader market.

In addition, the stock price of 00922 is 16.40 yuan (closing price on November 21), with a low entry threshold, and is known as the “petty bourgeoisie-friendly version” of the market capitalization ETF. 00922’s first dividend distribution in October was a success of NT$0.57 per unit. The scale increased from NT$5.25 billion to NT$10.4 billion, joining the ETF tens of billions club, and the number of beneficiaries increased from 40,000 to 71,000. , an increase of more than 70%.

00922 fund manager Su Dingyu said that with the peak consumption season approaching, the fundamental market and election market are about to start, there is a high chance that Taiwan stocks will fluctuate upward before the end of this year. Market capitalization ETFs hold 50 large leading companies in a diversified manner, and investment risks Compared with individual stocks, it is small and suitable for long-term and stable investment by stock depositors. Especially in the future, low-carbon transformation will be a significant investment, and the future performance is more promising.

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