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Li Zhiting suspected of breaking up?Posting a bikini and shouting “2 words” Net surprise: Retired boyfriend followed up | Entertainment | NOWnews today’s news

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▲Li Zhiting IG posted a leopard-print bikini and shouted the word
▲Li Zhiting IG posted a leopard-print bikini and shouted the word “liberation”, causing netizens to wonder if her relationship with her boyfriend had changed. (Photo / Li Zhiting IG)

Taiwan’s new-generation female singer Li Zhiting recognized her love for rapper Tang Junbo (Jinbo) in April this year. During this period, she has continued to show off generously on social platforms, making fans very envious. Unexpectedly, they were caught by netizens in less than a year of dating. The couple’s relationship seems to have changed, especially the word “liberation” that Li Zhiting said on IG, which unexpectedly caused heated discussions among netizens.

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Li Zhiting has been sharing photos of her life on IG recently, and she seems to be living a very comfortable life. However, yesterday (1), she was wearing a leopard-print bikini and sitting on a surfboard with her eyes closed. She briefly explained two The word “liberation”, but strangely, these travel photos did not see the figure of her boyfriend Tang Junbo, which unexpectedly triggered a curious discussion among netizens.

▲ Li Zhiting's IG play photo, although praised by fans, some people speculate whether the word
▲Although Li Zhiting has been praised by fans, some people have speculated whether the word “liberation” is a hint of the current emotional state. (Photo / Li Zhiting IG)

A fan posted a PO article titled “Did Li Zhiting break up?” on Dcard: “I just saw Li Zhiting’s IG posting about “Relief”, and the sixth feeling is not right…” So he jumped out to check all Li Zhiting’s articles Later, I found out, “It seems that I have hidden my ex-boyfriend’s post, and then I went back to his boyfriend’s ig to see that she didn’t follow her boyfriend anymore.” The post immediately caused repercussions, “What?! They actually broke up, aren’t they very affectionate?”, “It failed to change the scumbag”; but some people thought, “But the man didn’t delete it! There is still a video”, “Said It’s really not surprising”, “The whole image has changed since the handover, it’s better to break up…” As for whether the two really broke up, I still need to explain my response.

▲ Li Zhiting posted a photo of going out to travel, and was sour again. (Photo/Photographed by Li Zhiting IG)
▲The high profile of Li Zhiting and her boyfriend Tang Jun’s fraternity, the interaction between the young couple is often a topic of conversation. Unexpectedly, the relationship seems to be in a state. (Photo/Photographed by Li Zhiting IG)

It is understood that after Li Zhiting was photographed by the media in March this year and was dating Tang Junbo, she only publicly confessed her love in April. As a result, Li Zhiting revealed in the live broadcast in May that the relationship between the two was in a state of affairs. She admitted that long before the exchange I knew that the man was scumbag, and after dating for half a year, she was caught using another account to chat with girls. All kinds of things made Li Zhiting feel more and more insecure. Unexpectedly, the next day after the storm, the two were as good as ever. The outside world was dumbfounded. (Editor: Zhan Yirui)

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