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“Change Days” Min Hyo-gi thought to commit suicide and Choi Yoon-se confessed to breaking up: I did borrow money from him | ETtoday Starlight Cloud | ETtoday News Cloud


Reporter Wu Ruici/Comprehensive Report

During the hot broadcast of the South Korean love reality show “Change Days 2”, the quarrel between actor Min Hyo-ki and his amateur girlfriend Choi Yoon-se caused heated discussions. Min Hyo-ki revealed on IG on the 2nd that he wanted to commit suicide and was emotionally unstable. He went to see a doctor during this time, and admitted that he had borrowed money from Min Hyoji when he was dating. It is speculated from the text that the two should have broken up.

▲Cui Runse posted on the 2nd that he had broken up and explained the debt relationship between the two. (Photo/Retrieved from Netflix, Cui Runse IG)

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Recording “Change Days” for only 2 weeks will ruin your career!Min Hyo-ki thought of committing suicide: Too emotional and wrong

Min Hyo Ki’s post was suspected to have caused Choi Yoon Seul to be scolded. She appeared on the 2nd and posted a post calling her boyfriend Min Hyo Ki “that”. The two seemed to have passed away. During this period, her family was worried about her mental state and took her to see a psychiatrist. She did not appear to represent her private affairs until recently after finishing her thoughts.

“I did borrow money during my relationship with that person (here Min Hyogi).” Choi Yunse explained that it was not a threat to force the other party to borrow money, but that the situation did not allow it, and there was no money. Borrowing from her boyfriend, “For that person, he also lent money to me with a good attitude as a starting point.” She emphasized that the amount is not large, and she knew that borrowing money from her boyfriend was not a good behavior, so the two of them have been on good terms. “Furthermore, I also lent money to him when he was in trouble, and the conclusion is that our debt relationship with each other has been resolved.”

▲▼Min Hyo-gi and Choi Yoon-se quarreled almost every day on the show, and the man could not bear the pressure of public opinion, so he posted a low message on the 2nd. (Picture / Retrieved from Netflix)


Choi Yunse explained that there were a lot of things she wanted to say, but even if she said everything, it would not solve the problem, so she just wanted to explain the debt problem of the two through a post; she said helplessly, “There will be many things between lovers, that one (Min Hyo Ki ) It seems very hard now, so I’ll just stop here”, “But there is one thing I want to ask everyone, please don’t swear through DM (private message) again”, she finally asked everyone through IG to stop being curious Go on, “The one who really made happy memories for me for me.”

“Change Days 2” is still on the air, but an extra-judicial case of a couple’s dispute broke out. Min Hyo-ki’s post accused the production unit of preventing him from taking psychiatric drugs, and the program team’s practice caused controversy.

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