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BLACKPINK Jennie Posts Sexy Photos Again! CK’s seductive legion set off again, and everyone from singers, models to actors is hotter! |

Calvin Klein, who made a lot of money with the word “sexy”, once again invited the “attractive army” in the winter image photo to catch everyone’s attention. In addition to inviting BLACKPINK’s Jennie again to reproduce a sexy figure, the brand came to British photographer Alasdair McLellan recorded the natural and sexy appearance of different singers, models and actors through the lens.

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The blessing of the new generation of male gods

source: Calvin Klein

In recent years, Dominic Fike, who has been the focus of attention with his girlfriend Hunter Schafer on the red carpet, has been nominated for MTV and Grammy Awards for many times. Saint Laurent invites to be the protagonist of the brand image photo! This time, Calvin Klein perfectly presents the uninhibited atmosphere of the brand with his daily and life-like clothing, coupled with his unique charm.

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First Transgender Golden Globe Winner

source: Calvin Klein

Transgender performer Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, who has attracted attention for the series “Beautiful 80”, not only won the Primetime Emmy Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series, but also won the “Prime Time Emmy Award” for her vital performance. Golden Globes”! In recent years, she has used her own strength to promote equality. This time Calvin Klein invited her to be in the mirror, sometimes charming, sometimes resolute eyes, no doubt to show the brand not only the diversity in style, but also the tolerance of multiple genders.

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Jennie is back

source: Calvin Klein

Jennie, a member of BLACKPINK who has worked closely with Calvin Klein in recent years, has a cute yet personal appearance, giving Calvin Klein a sweet and salty style of dressing. In this shoot, she showed her candid side. With a clean plain background and beautiful lighting, Jennie’s every charm not only catches everyone’s attention, as the most popular Korean girl group in the world, with super strong “carrying power”, needless to say! Every outfit you wear is bound to be out of stock.

source: Calvin Klein

Compared with the unscientific figure in the image photos of Calvin Klein a few years ago, and the high-value faces that are difficult to get close to, as the society’s image of beauty changes, the brand also keeps pace with the times. Body and gender packs can show different aesthetics, and at the same time lead the times and change our image of sexy. In addition to Dominic Fike, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez and Jennie, the brand also recruited actor and producer Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Models Akon Changkou, Efron Danzig, Fran Summers, Kade Holt, Lila Moss, Precious Lee and Rianne Van Rompaey perform together, telling everyone who Calvin Klein is fashionable through each face with a different personality!

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