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Jennie’s phone has been hacked! After these photos of Jisoo in Japan come to light, fans worry she is ‘next victim’ – A Day Magazine

A few days ago, Jennie’s mobile phone was hacked, which led to the exposure of many private photos. In addition to the intimate dating photos with V, there were also daily group photos with Lisa and Jisoo.

Jisoo was also discovered earlier that the outfit she wore during her visit to Japan was indeed the outfit she took with Jennie, making fans worry that she might also be the next victim.

These pictures of Jisoo in Japan

Let the original doubtful fans change their opinions

Until now, some people still suspect that these photos may be just composite photos, but when Jisoo visited Roppongi, Japan, the clothes he wore publicly were discovered by fans.

Also because of these photos, fans who had doubts about the authenticity of the photos changed their opinions.

In these photos of the trip to Japan, Jisoo is wearing a black beret, black short sleeves and a short skirt, exactly the same as the “sister photo”.

Jisoo seems to like Hello Kitty quite a bit. In addition to choosing Hello Kitty for the phone case, he even took a selfie when he saw the back panel. During her busy work schedule, she also found time to eat her favorite ramen, holding her face with a smile, and she seemed to be in a good mood.

However, she probably did not expect that these terrible things would happen later.

Photo all: Allkpop

Jisoo feared to be the next target for hackers

Jennie’s private photos are frequently exposed by hackers. Such immoral and rude behavior really makes fans very angry, and even Lisa and Jisoo are involved in this incident, which makes people feel bad for these girls. .

Jennie and Jisoo are such lovely sisters, they should have been kept secret.

Photo via: kibrispdr

But after this “photo hacking incident” happened, it also made the outside world discover that their relationship was really good, and there was no plot where the members of the girl group would fight each other, and the two also shared on IG from time to time. Photos taken for the other person.

Now, after photos of Jisoo in Japan leaked, fans are worried that she will be the next target for hackers.

At present, YG has not responded to this incident. I really hope that they can take strong physical actions to accuse hackers of illegal acts and protect their stars, otherwise fans will be disappointed.

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