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Prince Louis welcomes the first day of school, but stubbornly refuses to hold hands with his father, “professional expression” makes people laugh – A Day Magazine

In June this year, at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration, Prince Louis sent a cute emoji to the world. He sometimes winked, sometimes pouted, and melted many netizens. In the blink of an eye, Prince Louis was four years old and started school. Just when netizens guessed that he would act naughty on the first day of school, he made a high-level performance.

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Prince Louis won’t hold hands with dad

Welcome the first day of school with a smile

Earlier, Prince Louis held the hand of his mother Kate Middleton and walked to (Lambrook School) in Berkshire, England. This is Prince Louis’s first day of school, but in front of the camera, he didn’t appear nervous or angry, he kept a “smile” throughout, and was in a very happy mood accompanied by his brother and sister.

During the process, the media also captured Dad’s attempt to hold Prince Louis’s hand, but was rejected by the lovely Prince Louis. He was very dedicated, showed an independent personality, and looked forward confidently. It was completely different from the way he covered his mother’s mouth in anger at the Platinum Jubilee Celebration. Many netizens discovered that Prince Louis has grown and transformed in a short period of time.

Unlike his brother Prince George, who was a little helpless and nervous on his first day of school, Prince Louis, accompanied by his father, mother, brother and sister, seemed much more comfortable and politely greeted the principal without seeming to panic at all.


Arrange for three children to go to school together

Good to take care of the elderly Queen of England

Not long ago, Prince William’s family of five moved from Kensington Palace to (Adelaide Cottage) in Berkshire. The reason for arranging for Prince George and Princess Charlotte to transfer schools is that the children can go to school together, I will not feel lonely, and more importantly, I will consider the elderly Queen of England so that I can take care of the Queen nearby.

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At the beginning of this year, the Queen of England announced that she would move out of Buckingham Palace permanently, and will use “Windsor Castle” as her official residence in the future, and this is why Prince William decided to move out of Kensington Palace. healthy. It is hoped that the children can stay close to their families, and at the same time allow the children to have the opportunity to learn about the new environment.


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