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Meghan didn’t go to the funeral “Royal mother-in-law war may start”!Revealing 3 major grievances who once choke the third mother-in-law Camilla | ETtoday Starlight Cloud | ETtoday News Cloud

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Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom passed away at Balmoral Castle in Scotland at about 6 pm local time on the 8th at the age of 96, and the world mourns. The grandson Prince Harry didn’t have time to see the Queen for the last time, and he looked sad, and his grandson-in-law Meghan didn’t show up, which sparked outside discussions. Some netizens said that although the Queen passed away, the royal infighting would not stop there, especially after the new board. The infighting between Camilla and her daughter-in-law, Megan, is more likely to be a big worry for the royal family.

Camilla got upright in 2005 and married Prince Charles. In February of this year, Queen Elizabeth II finally let her go, hoping that she could become queen. After 17 years of hard work, she finally got her wish, but the royal family has been in constant turmoil in recent years, especially May Root is out of control, and the royal family secrets are frequently revealed. It was previously reported that the book “Vengeance – The War between Meghan, Harry and the Windsor Royal Family” was co-authored by Harry and ghostwriters, and Meghan naturally provided a lot of The opinion, author Tom Ball revealed, will point out that the person who is racist against Meghan is mother-in-law Camilla, not sister-in-law Kate.

▲ Camilla and Meghan. (Photo/Dazhi Image)

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In addition, Megan once accepted an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey, the queen of the American talk show, and directly named her sister-in-law Princess Kate and mother-in-law Camilla “betrayed” and spread negative news about her to the media. For example, before the two got married in 2018, Kate was aggrieved and wept in the fitting room because of Meghan’s strong advocacy for the dress of flower girls. This must have been leaked by Kate, Camilla or someone close to Charles.

Camilla has been charged with minor three crimes for many years. It is rumored that Harry and Meghan and their husbands are still unable to put down their pimples. In addition, in the book “Meghan: Hollywood Princess” written by author Andrew Morton, it is mentioned that Meghan has loved since childhood. The British royal family has always hoped that they could become Princess Diana 2.0, and even regarded Princess Diana as an idol, and also participated in public welfare activities. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law issues between Camilla and Meghan have been repeatedly exposed. There was news that if Camilla ascended the throne, the first thing to do would be to deal with her daughter-in-law, Meghan. Now that the Queen has passed away, she has not seen Meghan show up for the funeral. In addition to mourning the queen, the grievances between members of the royal family have also become the focus of external discussions.

▲ Camilla and Meghan. (Photo/Dazhi Image)

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