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can not watch anymore! After learning of Cara Delevingne’s ‘mental problems’, family decides to limit her life – A Day Magazine

Recently, the physical and mental state of supermodel Cara Delevingne has attracted attention from the outside world. Ever since the intimate photos of her and Amber Heard in the elevator came to light, the media has photographed her frequently acting abnormally, which has made fans very worried. After several days of bad photos were released, Cara Delevingne’s family couldn’t take it any longer and were actively involved in the process.

Sister Poppy rushed to her sister’s house

Family begins to ‘interfere’ with Cara’s private life

According to “The Sun” report, last weekend, Cara Delevingne’s sister Poppy Delevingne rushed to her sister’s residence in Los Angeles, USA. The content quoted a friend next to Cara Delevingne as saying: “We are all worried about her, and she has been in this situation for several weeks. At present, Cara Delevingne’s family is intervening and assisting.”

Photo: LAmag

It is reported that Cara Delevingne has often been in a state of “burning both ends of the candle” during the past period, which will lead to mental state problems. Cara Delevingne’s family decided to do some kind of “intervention” to ensure Cara Delevingne could get help and get back to health. In other words, Cara Delevingne’s current life is partially “restricted”.

Cara Delevingne’s family said: “The situation is quite worrying, Cara has previously stated that she has a mental illness. She comes from a wonderful family, and her family is very close, and Cara’s family will do everything they can to help. She. That’s why sister Poppy is right there by her side, and we’re all worried about Cara’s current situation.”

Photo: karamellikolatm

Zeng confessed that he wanted to commit suicide and revealed that he suffered from depression

Cara’s next work may be “suspended”

In the past, Cara Delevingne has publicly disclosed that she suffers from depression. Under the enormous pressure and fame, although she was young, she made a breakthrough in the modeling world, but she admitted that she had already had a mental breakdown and had to rely on drugs to control it. I even had the idea of ​​committing suicide for a while. Later, I resolutely left the fashion circle, rested well, and recovered my health.

In June of this year, Cara Delevingne made a surprise appearance on the catwalk, striding forward and showing confidence, but it didn’t take long for her physical and mental state to begin to have problems and a series of abnormal behaviors.

Photo via: Just Jared

Next, she may be forced to suspend the New York fashion show of the sports brand PUMA to focus on the balance of body and mind, and regain her health and peace.

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