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Prince Andrew’s royal role may not be reinstated

▲ Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom wore a suit and casual clothes on the way to escort his mother’s coffin to Edinburgh, which caused discussion. (Photo / Associated Press / Dazhi Image)

Queen Elizabeth II (Queen Elizabeth II) died on the 8th local time at (Balmoral Castle) in Balmoral Castle, Scotland, and her coffin was moved to St Giles’ Cathedral (St Giles’ Cathedral) on the 12th ), 4 children escorted and escorted all the way, except for the newly succeeded King Charles III (Charles III), HRH The Princess Anne, Princess Royal (HRH The Princess Anne, Princess Royal) and Prince Edward (HRH Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex) are wearing honorary uniforms In addition, 62-year-old Prince Andrew (Prince Andrew, Duke of York) is wearing a suit and casual clothes and looks quite “conspicuous”. British media analysis said that although Prince Andrew has reappeared in the public eye in the past few days because of his mother’s funeral, it is still unlikely that Andrew will resume his royal duties in Britain under his brother’s rule.

▲ Different from other siblings, Prince Andrew (right) does not wear an honorary uniform, which is particularly conspicuous. (Photo / Associated Press / Dazhi Image)

▲ Different from other siblings, Prince Andrew (right) does not wear an honorary uniform, which is particularly conspicuous. (Photo / Associated Press / Dazhi Image)

According to the “Guardian” report, in recent years, Prince Andrew’s image has been greatly affected by scandals such as his relationship with the notorious late American billionaire Epstein (Jeffrey Epstein) and the sexual assault allegations by American woman Giuffre (Virginia Giuffre), etc. Despite an out-of-court settlement with Giuffre, Prince Andrew all but disappeared from public engagements with the royal family and was stripped of all honorary military, charitable roles and royal patronage.

As one of the Queen’s children, it is impossible to completely exclude Andrew from funerals and commemorations, especially at a time when the royal family needs to show solidarity with the outside world, but the British public still views Andrew in a negative light; although Ellie King Sabre II was not shy to show support for Prince Andrew’s precious son when he faced difficulties in the past few years, but with the death of the Queen, Andrew also lost his backing.

An embarrassing clip shows protesters yelling at the procession as the Queen moves to Edinburgh, accusing Prince Andrew of being a “sick old man” and “disgusting”, before he was killed. taken away by the police.

Joe Little, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, pointed out that Andrew is unlikely to return to royal duties and work for the royal family. The right to use, because Charles III understood that even if he was willing to forgive his brother, it would still be an unwise decision to allow Andrew to resume his duties and identity.

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