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600 favorite brands of the Queen’s death may lose royal certification | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

600 favorite brands of the Queen’s death may lose royal certification | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM
600 favorite brands of the Queen’s death may lose royal certification | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, 600 of her favourite brands may lose their Royal Warrant and must now wait for the new King Charles III to endorse them.

▲After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, 600 of her favorite brands during her lifetime may lose their royal certification. (Photo / flip from The Royal Family Facebook)

The makers of Fortnum & Mason’s tea, Burberry’s signature plaid trench coat, Cadbury’s chocolate and even the makers of brooms and dog food are all facing the possibility of losing their royal certification, Agence France-Presse reported.

If brands don’t get the new king’s stamp of approval, the emblem of honor, which symbolizes their popularity with the British royal family, must be removed within two years.

Before Charles III came to the throne, when he was Prince of Wales, he also issued more than 150 royal family certification brands.

Royal certification is a symbol of high quality. According to the Royal Warrant Holders Association, brands that receive royal warrants “have the right to display the royal coat of arms as appropriate on their merchandise, packaging, envelopes, advertisements, factories and vehicles”.

For some manufacturers, royal certification is a big selling point, although it’s hard to calculate exactly how much that will boost sales.

Fortnum & Mason has two royal certifications, one as a grocery and food supplier to Queen Elizabeth II, and one as a tea and grocer certified by the Prince of Wales.

“We are proud to have been certified by Her Majesty the Queen in 1954 and have served her and the royal family during her lifetime,” said the London-based upscale grocery store.

Fortnum & Mason has a long history with the British royal family. In 1902, it prepared Royal Blend tea for King Edward VII of England.

Twinings also holds the Royal Certificate of Tea and Coffee Merchant from the Queen and Prince of Wales.

Other brands that have received royal certification from the Queen are Dubonnet. It’s a red wine-based aperitif, and the Queen’s favorite cocktails are mainly made with bourbon and gin.

Launer, who has been making handbags for the queen since 1968, also faces the possibility of losing her royal certification.

However, the classic old Barbour produces coats that are especially suitable for the English country weather, and are double certified by the Queen and Prince Charles.

Christian Porta, general manager of international marketing at French wine merchant Pernod Ricard, which owns Polya, told AFP that the importance of royal certification for a brand that has always been associated with the Queen in the public image is “high.” As with everything, it’s a certification of profession and tradition.”

Some consumer brands are also royally certified, such as Heinz, known for its ketchup and canned baked beans, which the British love.

And Kellogg’s, which makes breakfast cereals. “It’s great to have such a strong link with the UK,” said Paul Wheeler, a spokesman for the US company in the UK.

He said that during the 70 years of the Queen’s reign, Kellogg’s continued to provide products to the British royal family. “We used to have a special van that would deliver goods directly from the factory to the royal family.”

There is no cost to obtain royal certification, suppliers continue to provide services on a commercial basis, and members of the royal family are also free to use products from other suppliers.

Royal certification is re-examined every 5 years, and the criteria for renewing certification are quite strict. “You have to not only provide good service, but also show that you are a conscientious business,” Wheeler said, especially when it comes to human rights. (Central News Agency, London, 17th)

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