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News/Xu Renjie admits that the marriage of “quarreling over money” is on the rocks! “I have had self-abuse behavior” makes his wife fear | ETtoday Starlight Cloud | ETtoday News Cloud

Reporter Lin Yiru/Taipei reports

Not long after Xu Renjie broke the marriage change, he was photographed entering the same play actress Xie Jingying’s boudoir late at night. It was suspected that the fake drama was real. The woman’s agent refuted “the scandal is a false report”, while Xu Renjie clarified through the agent, “He and Xie Jingying is just a simple work partner,” and told that his marriage was on the rocks. Because of the huge financial pressure, his husband and wife had quarreled. He is working hard now and hopes to bear the family expenses.

▲ Xu Renjie and Xie Jingying are really doing fake dramas. (Photo / Retrieved from Facebook / Xu Renjie)

Xu Renjie stated his thoughts and journeys. He mentioned that after another big love drama was completed at the end of last year, when his work was affected by the epidemic and he almost stopped without any income, he would take delivery orders to maintain his family. Two years of income and expenses are not proportional, so I hope the brokerage company will transfer the income from the original account to my wife’s account and change it to my own account. He also discussed the expenses with his wife. He admits, “The repeated communication about economic issues has also made our husband and wife exhausted. , and all of this existed long before I entered the golden crew, it’s not that I have changed after six months.”

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▲ Xu Renjie stated frankly that his marriage was on the rocks. (Photo / Retrieved from Facebook / Xu Renjie)

He said frankly that at this stage, the husband and wife are separated, and he is facing huge financial pressure and his life is not going smoothly. It is inevitable that the husband and wife will have quarrels. He is so incompetent that he cannot support a family. In this past, I did have self-abuse behaviors, but I swear I never did it.” He felt deeply that his wife lived in fear when she saw his self-abuse situation. Feel sorry.

Xu Renjie statement

Miss Xie Jingying and I are only simple working partners. Now that housework has come to the fore, I am sorry for wasting such social resources.

Regarding the unverified reports of the Weekly, I solemnly clarify the following points:

In Yingge is not another place to stay for me. There is a palace in the alley. After being introduced by the cast members, I used to visit the palace with my wife Yaxi from time to time.
The day the weekly filmed was the time when the palace was open for inquiries every Sunday. Xie Jingying and I went to the palace separately to ask questions.

I joined the group to shoot at eight o’clock in mid-April this year, and the relationship between my husband and wife Aki has changed before I joined the group.

After getting married, all my income came from a brokerage company to “Xinyin Culture Co., Ltd.”. The person in charge of this company is my wife, Axi, who manages and handles all my income. After finishing another big love drama at the end of last year, when my work was affected by the epidemic and almost stopped without any income, I was still actively facing life. If there was no space for crew work, I would pick up and deliver to maintain it. The usual quality of life, and it was only then that I realized that the income and expenses in the past two years were completely disproportionate, and there was not much left. So in April this year, I insisted on telling the agency that my personal income returned to me. Account, try to learn to control the expenses and expenses of the family, and save unnecessary expenses. A family, two adults, no mortgage or car loan, although the income was not the highest before, but it was better than the average office worker. When will it change and there will be no money left? This is what I am serious about. The things that are correct and clarified; I have communicated with my wife that in the future, in terms of expenses, we will both submit documents to discuss the feasibility of each expense, but so far, I have not received any response to the discussion. The repeated communication about economic issues also made our husband and wife exhausted, and all of this existed long before we entered the golden crew. It is not that I have changed after June.

In the face of huge economic pressures and unhappy life, it was inevitable that husband and wife would have quarrels. Under the verbal violence that lasted for a long time, I once fell into serious self-doubt, wondering if I was really so incompetent and unable to support a family. In this past, I did have masochistic behavior, but I swear I never did it. And let my wife see my self-abuse situation, living in fear, I am deeply sorry, but also feel reluctant to give up.

Right now, our husband and wife are separated. In recent months, I have been followed by the photographer for several days. Under the double pressure of life and work, I feel even more tired. Now there is only one means of transportation, a motorcycle. I rented a small room near my workplace in Linkou. The pressure and discomfort of the people, the different routes that go back and forth between the rental house and the workplace every day, the front and rear exits of the driveway that were photographed lead to my rented residence, and I have never lived in the community in this driveway. I am deeply sorry that I am disturbed by being followed and photographed, and I am disturbed by irrelevant people and households caused by riding my bike chaotically every day.

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