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“Rakuten Monkeys” Lotte Taoyuan announced yesterday (17th) that South Korea’s super popular cheerleader Dahye Lee (Dahye Lee) will join its Lotte Monkeys cheerleading team “Rakuten Girls (Lotte Girls)” and become the 8th member. As soon as the news came out , Let the fans in Taiwan turn upside down. However, some people are worried about whether the “traffic monster” Lin Xiang’s status as a goddess will not be guaranteed. In this regard, some netizens also posted a video of the two supporting each other, which immediately aroused heated discussions.

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▲ Lee Da Hye, a new member of Lotte Girls, is from Korea. (Photo/provided by Rakuten)

A netizen posted an article on Dcard with the title “Lin Xiang VS Lee Duo-hye (Hui), cheerleader goddess duel, who is stronger?”, saying: “Korean greatness comes to Rakuten Girls, former Kia Tiger cheerleader Lee Da-hye will join Rakuten Girls, Taiwan-Korea Cheerleaders Showdown!” and posted a video for everyone to compare, “Seriously, I feel that the Korean cheerleaders are more daring, and the Taiwanese cheerleaders are simply doing light work. Before that, it wasn’t Li Jinliang’s American-style cheerleading team, there were just a bunch of people there. Said it was very beefy.”

▲Dahye Lee will soon join Lotte Girls. (Photo/provided by Lotte Taoyuan)
▲▼Dahye Lee will soon join Lotte Girls. (Photo/provided by Lotte Taoyuan)
▲Dahye Lee will soon join Lotte Girls. (Photo/provided by Lotte Taoyuan)

The original PO also posted a video of the two for comparison. Many netizens supported Li Duohui: “Duo Hui (Hui) is so hot, in terms of body, dance and appearance, she is really a dick. Although she has a whole body, she is still upright and cute. !Someone’s status will be lost”, “I won’t go to watch baseball because of a certain Xiang, but I will go to watch because of this Korean lady”, “Seriously speaking, Korean artists and cheerleaders have undergone very strict training, even a little There is no way to compare the degree of abnormality in Taiwan”, “Just ask Li Duohui how she lost”, “Li Duohui (Hui), the gap is probably the gap between Korean stars and Taiwanese artists”; there are also many netizens who support Lin Xiang: “In terms of facial features and smiles, I still like Lin Xiang”, “Lin Xiang is also very upright”, “Lin Xiang is more memorable”, “Lin Xiang’s appearance is more memorable”.

▲ Lin Xiang danced to support the Chinese team, and shouted to win the promotion ticket of the classic game and advance to Tokyo. (Photo/Reposted from Lin Xiang's Facebook page)
▲Lotte girl Lin Xiang is very popular. (Photo/Reposted from Lin Xiang’s Facebook page)
▲Lin Xiang's popularity is hot, with fans all over the world. (Photo/Reposted from Lin Xiang's Facebook page)
▲Lin Xiang’s popularity is hot, with fans all over the world. (Photo/Reposted from Lin Xiang’s Facebook page)

In fact, Li Dahui, who has been learning belly dance since she was 7 years old, once won a gold medal in a Korean dance competition. In 2019, she appeared on the court as a member of the Kia Tiger cheerleading team. It even broke through 18 million views, and later became the host of the live broadcast and the host of the web show. However, because of its high popularity and eye-catching, the captain of the Kia Tigers support team sent an article secretly criticizing “stealing the player’s demeanor”. Finally, in 2022 Withdrew from the club in October 2010, putting an end to the controversy. And Lin Xiang, who was compared with Li Duohui, left a message with the word “ceiling” on Lotte Facebook yesterday, and added two love symbols to show her high EQ.

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