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Couple dies tragically while traveling in Bali! Zhengmei died naked in the bathtub and sighed while watching the beautiful photos before she was alive: she followed the wrong man and her life was unlucky | Cross-Strait | Sanli News Network SETN.COM


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▲ 2 Chinese tourists in Bali died tragically in blood, and the dead naked in the bathtub turned out to be a girl! The net lamented that “following the wrong boyfriend is unlucky”. (Reposted from Weibo)

On the 1st of this month, the murder occurred in the five-star Intercontinental Hotel in Bali, Indonesia, resulting in the death of two Chinese tourists, and the death was tragic. At present, this murder case has sparked a lot of discussion in China. Even the social networking sites of the two people have been searched.

The incident happened around 6:43 am on the 1st of this month. The hotel lobby staff received a call from a tenant, saying that he heard another tenant calling for help in the corridor. After receiving the report, the hotel staff rushed to the scene to check, but saw a man lying naked in the corridor, soaked in blood, with multiple injuries on his body, but the man was no longer breathing. Later, the hotel personnel found a woman lying in the bathtub in the bathroom, also naked, with the same injuries on her body. In the end, both of them were confirmed to have died unfortunately.

▲ The social accounts of the two were searched out. (Reposted from Weibo)

The man was naked and bloody, and died in the corridor. (Translated from

▲The man was naked and bloody, and died in the corridor. (Translated from “Radar Bali”)

The woman was found dead naked in the bathtub. (Translated from

▲The woman was found dead naked in the bathtub. (Translated from “Radar Bali”)

At present, the Indonesian police have not explained more about the case, only saying that homicide is not ruled out, but the news spread back to China, which immediately triggered heated discussions among Chinese netizens, and even their social accounts were searched. Netizens even discovered that the deceased woman herself was actually a hot girl. The photos she uploaded were all dressed in fashion. It can be seen that she lived a good life and often traveled with her boyfriend.

At present, the reason why the two died in Bali is not yet known. However, there are rumors from netizens that the man had a financial dispute, which caused his sister and girlfriend to be “buried together” together. After seeing Zhengmei’s photos, many netizens sighed and said: “The beauty is unlucky.”, “I followed the wrong boyfriend.”

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