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The former richest man in Chongqing enters a nursing home: I cannot “raise children for old age”. Children are raised to be loved.

Yin Mingshan, once the richest man in Chongqing, is now 85 years old. He chose to live in a nursing home purely because he did not want to cause trouble to his children.Picture/Quoted from The Paper

Exclusive reporting reporter Xing Yun/Comprehensive reporting

The news that Yin Mingshan, the former richest man in Chongqing and founder of Lifan Group, recently moved into a nursing home has attracted attention. According to Times Weekly, 85-year-old Yin Mingshan checked into a nursing home in Chongqing on August 29. Wang Yan, who has been Yin Mingshan’s secretary for many years, said, “The old man is more open-minded. This is his own decision.” Yin Mingshan’s attitude is not to rely on his children to support him in his old age, so as not to cause trouble to his children.

According to reports, earlier, Yin Mingshan explained why he chose to live in a nursing home. He said, “I have two children, a big house, and money to take care of myself at home. I don’t have to worry about anything. But after I turned 80, I slowly changed my concept of old-age care. First of all, I can’t ‘raise children for old age,’ because children are My love, having children is the need of love. I don’t think I can rely on my children to support me in old age. No matter how old I am, I must love my children and cause them less trouble, or even cause them no trouble.”

Yin Mingshan had to consider whether to hire a nanny or go to a nursing home. He said that nannies have to wash, cook, clean the house and even seek medical treatment day and night, which is very hard. Relatively speaking, this kind of care is not professional enough. “But nursing homes have a detailed and professional division of labor and professional staff, so nursing homes can do a better job than nannies.”

The aging problem in mainland China is serious. With the rapid economic development in recent years and the increasing number of Sino-foreign joint venture nursing homes, nursing homes are no longer what they were decades ago. Many elderly people in mainland China have neglected their relatives to support their children, and nursing homes have become the first choice.

Mainland China is aging seriously, and the construction of nursing homes is also changing with each passing day. The picture shows a courtyard-style nursing home in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, with a quite quiet environment.Picture/Quote from Weibo

Mainland China is aging seriously, and the construction of nursing homes is also changing with each passing day. The picture shows a courtyard-style nursing home in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, with a quite quiet environment.Picture/Quote from Weibo

Yin Mingshan said that after entering the kindergarten, he will continue to maintain a regular life, eat in a controlled manner, and continue to read, write, play the piano, sing, and walk every day. He also has a small wish to learn to play the piano after retirement, and wants to continue learning to play the piano after moving into a nursing home.

Yin Mingshan, who was born in 1938, had been in prison and worked as a worker. At the age of 47, he went into business and earned the first pot of gold in his career. In 1992, 54-year-old Yin Mingshan invested 200,000 yuan to start the motorcycle industry and founded Lifan Group. In 2000, 62-year-old Yin Mingshan made the Forbes China Rich List with a net worth of 550 million yuan, and entered the football world, becoming famous for a while.

In 2005, Yin Mingshan got involved in the automobile manufacturing industry. But at that time, there were more than 600 large and small car factories and modification factories in China’s automobile industry. Today, less than one-tenth of them are left. Relying on its accumulation in the motorcycle and automobile fields, Lifan was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2010. Lifan became the second domestic automobile company to achieve overall listing. For a time, it was extremely prosperous. 72-year-old Yin Mingshan also aspired to be the richest man in Chongqing.

However, since Lifan’s reorganization in 2020, the Yin Mingshan family’s role in the Lifan system has been continuously weakened. “Jimu News” said that it is not uncommon for celebrities like Yin Mingshan to choose to spend their old age in nursing homes. In 2015, 76-year-old Peking University professor Qian Liqun and his wife also entered a nursing home. Qian Liqun responded: , I am suitable for living in a nursing home. I have a lot of time to write, and I no longer have to worry about daily chores such as cooking.

Despite this, the acceptance of nursing homes by the general public in mainland China is still not high. “Beijing Daily” said that since April this year, the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau has commissioned Beijing Health Care Group to conduct a survey, mainly targeting the elderly who live in the six districts of the city and Changping, Tongzhou, Mentougou, Daxing and other districts. The results are nearly 9 Adults prefer home care, and only 11.8% of the elderly expressed their willingness to live in a nursing home.

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