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The epidemic in China is heating up, and the world’s factory riots | TechNews Technology New Report

China is the last major country that is still adhering to the zero-clearing policy. The number of cases has surged recently, and conflicts have broken out in many places because of the oppression caused by the epidemic prevention. According to foreign media analysis, the recent protests erupted by Foxconn, China’s largest private enterprise employer, are just a microcosm of the public sentiment reaching a critical point under the oppression of the zero-clearing strategy in Chinese society.

China now surges in cases, surpasses for sixth day in a row 20000Cases, also the first death in nearly six months. China’s latest novel coronavirus (Covid-19) The death occurred in 5 moon 26 Shanghai on the 19th, due to a major outbreak, Shanghai was blocked for two months.

With the resurgence of the epidemic, many provinces have staged absurd epidemic prevention measures. At the beginning of the 11th, the footage of Zhengzhou Foxconn factory workers fleeing the factory because of evading the blockade caused an uproar in the world. In order to maintain the operation of the production line, Foxconn had to transfer resources from other places or offer high bonuses to retain employees. Later, workers were dissatisfied with the bonuses they received. The pay conditions did not meet expectations, coupled with long-term fatigue and resentment accumulation, a large number of workers flocked from their dormitories to the Foxconn campus in the early hours of Wednesday to stage a violent protest.

Not only at Foxconn, the tension caused by the strict epidemic prevention policy has spread to many parts of China. Residents of Guangzhou recently clashed with police in violation of the enforced lockdown. A week ago, in Haizhu District, China’s largest cloth market and textile production center, textile workers rioted. Suspected migrant workers complained of shortages and soaring prices of daily necessities.

From Guangzhou, the southern manufacturing hub, to Beijing, various forms of blockades have led to the continuous closure and reopening of factories across the country, which has affected multiple industries and global economic activity.except expected iphone Production will be at 11 Retail, food and beverage, tourism and other industries are also suffering due to continued uncertainty. These measures especially affect blue-collar migrant workers who have moved from other places to work in large factories. According to reports, Haizhu District employs hundreds of thousands of farmers work.

Some residents in Guangzhou said that the epidemic prevention restrictions have exceeded the scope allowed by the national government.And a Chinese in Taiwan even said that Xi Jinping cannot be blamed for this. It is because the local government is profitable in the epidemic prevention, including the construction of new square cabin hospitals. 47,000He believes that there are lucrative waters in these processes.

The more thorough the epidemic prevention is, the deeper the economy will fall.Nomura’s chief China economist said with a model that GDP As of Monday, it has impacted nearly 20% of China’s economic output, close to 4 Hit during mid-January lockdown in Shanghai 21.2% He believes that although the Chinese government has recently shown early signs of willingness to reopen and introduced some fine-tuning measures, reopening may be a long process of back and forth.

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