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Previous studies have shown that the COVID-19 oral drug Paxlovid can reduce the risk of “new crown”, but the study samples were mostly white men and were not peer-reviewed. The US government has approved clinical trials at Stanford University, and the research team hopes to publish the results next summer.

The “San Francisco Chronicle” reported on the 22nd that Stanford Medicine expects to find 200 volunteers with symptoms of long COVID-19 to participate in clinical trials, and monitor the progress through electronic devices for four and a half months.

Common symptoms of a new crown are shortness of breath, muscle pain, brain fog and tiredness. According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in June, 20% of American adults who have been infected with COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) will develop symptoms of the new crown.

Since no solution to the new crown has been found at this stage, many people take the risk of trying unproven effective treatments.

Earlier this month, a study by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (Department of Veterans Affairs) showed that the antiviral oral drug Paxlovid can reduce the risk of getting a new crown. This study analyzed more than 56,000 veterans who had been infected; the results showed that more than 9,000 people who took Paxlovid within five days of being diagnosed had a 25% lower risk of developing the new crown. But the study was not peer-reviewed and was incomplete because the sample was mostly white and male.

Doctors typically give COVID-19 patients a five-day supply of the drug, though some people experience rebound symptoms after the course of treatment ends. Upinder Singh, an infectious disease scientist at Stanford University who is in charge of this clinical trial, said that in view of the above situation, the team chose a 15-day course of treatment.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the Stanford University project, which is the first clinical trial in the U.S. on whether Paxlovid can treat COVID-19.

This study is a double-blind trial. The research team does not know who received the oral drug and who received the placebo. The American public has already participated in the plan.

William Fimbres (William Fimbres), who lives in Mountain View, Silicon Valley, began receiving treatment on the 21st. He said that he lost his sense of taste and smell after contracting the epidemic, and his wife could not help but remind him one day that the chicken was burnt; but Now that he is actually eating a metallic taste, he should have gotten real oral medicine instead of a placebo.

Singh said that the team hopes to announce the results of the clinical trial next summer, and hopes that this trial will also find out the cause of the new crown, so that one in five patients suffers from the new crown, and the question can be answered.

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