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California “Little Taipei” tragedy

Monterey Park, Los Angeles, California, known as Little Taipei, is at 10:30 on Saturday night,A suspect opened fire at a dance center,Ten people were killed on the spot,Seriously injured ten people, It is reported that a Chinese suspect has been arrested.

After we see this tragedy, With infinite wrath and sorrow in my heart, right where it happened ,It’s also a place I’m very familiar with,Every time I visit Los Angeles, I always pass by this place,Enjoy authentic Chinese food, Or tea with old friends.

It is very incomprehensible that, The murderer is also a 72-year-old Chinese resident, He is said to have committed suicide in a white van ,Why does he have such a deep hatred for his compatriots??

Today we all come to America ,Most people are just looking for a better life, Everyone should support each other, especially in this difficult time.

Representing Monterey Park City Park Congressman Zhao Meixin expresses infinite worry and anger, Hope this isn’t an act of racial hatred.

The failure of law and order in the United States and the proliferation of guns ,already a national crisis,Our anger and helplessness must be fully expressed to the ruling authorities and representatives of the people’s assembly.

Our Anger And Sorrow

In Monterey Park, close to Los Angeles, California, known as ‘Little Taipei,’ at 10:30 pm Saturday, a gunman opened fire inside a local dance studio and killed ten people and seriously injured ten others on the spot. that the Chinese American suspect has died by suicide.

After we learned about the tragedy there was infinite wrath and sorrow in our heart. At the place where the incident happened, it is also a place I am very familiar with. Every time I have visited LA, I always have passed by and enjoyed authentic Chinese food or meet with our old friends in the area.

We really don’t understand why this 72-year-old murderer would have such a deep hatred against his innocent people.

Today we all came to this land because we were looking for a better life. We need to help each other, especially in this difficult time.

Congresswoman Judy Chao who represents Monterey Park expressed infinite anxiety and anger hoping this was not a hate crime.

The failure of our national safety and the proliferation of guns has become a national crisis. We want to strongly express our anger and helplessness to the government and to the representatives who represent us in the US Congress.

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