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She had an epileptic seizure with all her might for her work: she should not sacrifice herself, and work hard for her health from now on! | Muscle Motivation | Life

She had an epileptic seizure with all her might for her work: she should not sacrifice herself, and work hard for her health from now on! | Muscle Motivation | Life
She had an epileptic seizure with all her might for her work: she should not sacrifice herself, and work hard for her health from now on! | Muscle Motivation | Life

In the past, Huang Jingyun was a serious office worker who devoted himself to his work, but he had epilepsy because of excessive pressure and almost died. She thought about it: Is work the most important thing in life? Decided to stop sacrificing myself, and reduce body fat from 30% to 18.3% through diligent exercise, and regain healthy self-confidence and smile.

Who are you fighting for?

43-year-old Huang Jingyun accepted an exclusive interview with Taiwan’s largest female fitness community “You Muli”. He said that he had an epileptic seizure when he gave birth to his daughter more than 10 years ago, but it has been stable since then. However, because of frequent skin allergies and colds, all medicines are mixed Eating it together will cause the body to have a poor metabolism, from 45 kg to 50 kg.

At work, she always devotes herself to the field of work. Even if she works overtime until 10 pm, she hopes to work hard to complete the tasks assigned by the supervisor. One day when she goes to work, she has a headache. Endured, but suddenly dizzy and nearly fainted, and quickly asked a colleague for a chocolate to eat to temporarily relieve the dizziness.

Unexpectedly, after the lunch break, she immediately fainted when she got up. She fell straight back, knocked on the floor and made a loud noise. The seizures continued, and she was rushed to the doctor for a tomography scan. The doctor diagnosed that the body was overwhelmed by excessive pressure. stress can cause epileptic seizures.

“Who am I working so hard for?” Looking at the worried and anxious expressions of his family, Huang Jingyun blamed himself and mixed feelings. Later, she adjusted her departmental approach to achieve the best possible balance between work and life.

No, this time I have to hold on

Huang Jingyun’s husband has always been in the habit of fitness. He is 13 years old and always encourages his wife to exercise together. But in the past, Huang Jingyun took one day a day for fitness, or three days a day for fitness, and he had no motivation to perform at all, and of course his posture and health would not change much.

It was not until later that Huang Jingyun took medicine after fainting from epilepsy, which caused his body to gain weight. In addition, he was under too much pressure. He relied on eating to relieve the pressure. When he realized that he had really gained weight, his body fat had soared to 30%, “I can’t let it go any longer. If I go on like this, I’m determined to lose weight!”

In 2021, when there is a third-level alert for the epidemic, there is no way to go to the gym. Huang Jingyun found a lot of videos on the Internet, and tried to exercise with bare hands at home, starting with reducing body fat. You must persevere!”

Unexpectedly, after two months of exercising, she did not lose weight but increased, and she was frustrated. At this time, her husband gave her a suggestion to adjust her diet, and the effect would be more obvious.

“Just fight with him!” In the past, Huang Jingyun started to try cooking by himself and brought his own lunch boxes. At first, he felt that less oil and less salt were unpalatable, so he dared to eat it, and she also gave up the favorite food. Potato chips, high-fiber biscuits are eaten when the cravings are really unbearable, and now they can eat the delicious and sweet taste of the original food; eat normally on Saturdays and Sundays, so that the body and mind will not be too tense.

In the past, I used to have a cup of whole sugar hand shake every day, and I had to quit the unaccustomed drink immediately. Huang Jingyun proceeded gradually, recording the drinking situation and sugar amount every day, drinking one day off for the first month, one day off for the second month, two and the second. Three months to drink one off three, and then reduce the weight from 700CC to 500CC; gradually change the whole sugar to half sugar, three points, one point, sugar-free, and now change to two cups of sugar-free drinks a week, drink 2000CC of water a day.

After 10 months, Huang Jingyun finally saw the results. The weight dropped from 50 kg to 44 kg, and the body fat dropped from 30% to 18.3%; but such a figure has no muscular lines, and she uses the most efficient way to complete work tasks every day. After get off work, I went to the gym for one hour of heavy training and half an hour of aerobic exercise, at least five days a week. Now I have gained muscle to 47 kg and 21% body fat, and finally achieved my ideal body shape.

don’t sacrifice yourself

Huang Jingyun believes that if you want to maintain a good body shape, relying on fasting but not moving at all, there is no way to achieve good results, but will rebound. Don’t rely on a certain method alone, don’t just look at the current short-term results, but ignore the long-term effects, the key is how? Maintenance, diet and exercise complement each other to achieve the results you want.

Through Muscle Rewards, she also wants to encourage more people. There is really no shortcut to lose weight. It is really important to exercise more and to match your diet. As long as you have the heart, you can succeed. It just takes a little time to get the results you want. When you are not motivated, you can find friends to join, you can start exercising at home or in the park.

More importantly, the most important thing in life is your own health. Once you fall, other family members will be very hard. Work is very important, but family and life are the most important, don’t sacrifice yourself.

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