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At the age of 25, many people are still at a loss about life and career, “Cai Cai” Cai Chenyin embarked on the road of starting a clothing brand.Behind the entrepreneurship, there is no glamorous story, but a professional female racing driver who crashes and ruins her career, suffers from illness at the same timecervical cancerThe Jedi survived, and there was no hesitation in making a comeback!

The picture is published by “Cai Cai” Cai Chenyin “Woman Yang”

The new women’s website “Women’s Yang” encourages you to “love yourself every way”. Cai Cai shares the turning points of her life, learns to catch all self-denying emotions, and transforms them into more energy to love herself.

Heavy Machinery Changes Life

In the past, Cai Cai worked in a technology company. She had a bold and unrestrained personality. She didn’t like to buy cosmetics, shopping, or bags. Later, she broke up with her boyfriend. In order to divert her attention, she bought her first heavy machine in her life. , fell in love with the sense of speed and excitement of chasing the wind, the more you ride, the more experience you get, and if you want to pursue better performance, you will have a sense of accomplishment, so you decide to run on the track to accumulate experience.

With a beautiful appearance and sophisticated skills, Cai Cai quickly accumulated fame in the heavy machinery industry. Live a comfortable life with the game prize money.

At the age of 23, when Cai Cai participated in the competition, due to an accident during the competition, he suffered a fracture of the tailbone and a fracture of the metacarpal bone of his right hand, and he almost couldn’t stand up again. She had to sit in a wheelchair and wear plaster, and was unable to take care of herself for a time. “At this time, I was extremely pessimistic. I didn’t think I could do anything in the future. This really hit me hard.”

This accident caused great setbacks and changes for Cai Cai. Because he could not sit for a long time, he could no longer ride his favorite heavy motorcycle as leisurely as before. His life changed in an instant, and his racing career was forced to stop.

The picture is published by “Cai Cai” Cai Chenyin “Woman Yang”

Cervical cancer bad news knocks on the door

Unexpectedly, at this extremely depressed moment, God brought bad news to Cai Cai again.

In the past few years, due to work pressure, she often felt heavy head every day, unable to concentrate, repeatedly inflamed and itchy urinary tract, unable to sleep at night, and thin body, but she left work late and cycled on vacation, so she didn’t bother to seek medical treatment The examination dragged on for two years, but it was finally discovered that it was “cervical cancer” that women fear most.

“I can no longer ride a bicycle and have cancer at the age of 23. This double blow was really unacceptable to me at the time. I used to think that I was the most miserable person in the world.”

Cai Cai said that cervical cancer has no cure and cannot be cured. You can only rely on yourself to improve your immunity and change your daily routine. In the early stage, repeated inflammation affects your daily life. Get along and avoid aggressive surgery that deteriorates to resection.

Due to the fracture caused by the accident and the diagnosed cervical cancer, her physical condition did not allow her to sit for a long time and be too tired to prevent her condition from deteriorating too quickly. She had no choice but to leave the company where she worked and lost her source of income.

“My self-esteem is very high, and I will never allow myself to be a burden and burden to others!” Relying on this idea, Cai Cai started the road of rehabilitation and treatment with firm will. “The most difficult decision is to start taking action, and the rest is to be firm.” Before rehabilitation, I never thought about whether I would be able to return to my original appearance in the future. I can only firmly believe that I can do it, and God will not let you down.

After nearly a year of rehabilitation, Cai Cai did not let herself down. Although there are many sequelae left in her body, she cannot be fully recovered, but at least her basic life is fine.

When her body was almost recovered, Cai Cai began to think about “what can I do”, and she no longer just thought about “I lost the right to do something because of an accident.” Because of the injury, she could no longer sit for a long time, that is, unable As an office worker, I am determined to start a business and be my own boss.

In order to fight cancer and start a business, embark on the road of fitness

Apparel business is a very hard road. Cai Cai needs to have enough physical strength, spirit and good posture to face the challenges in the future. In addition, she still has cervical cancer herself, so she started to embark on the road of fitness, relying on fitness Improve your immune system to fight the disease.

In this way, the fitness has lasted for nearly a year. With the adjustment of life and rest, Cai Cai’s body has obviously improved, and his posture is getting better and better. He was able to start all preparations for starting a business. It took two years to conceive and prepare. This year In May, the clothing brand “Looming” was finally created.

Cai Cai believes that although it was really hard from the age of 23 to the early stage of 25, and she walked a road that many people would not walk, she survived, “As long as it is the right thing, do it bravely, because you don’t know yourself. How powerful it might be.”

She said that in the process of starting a business, there will inevitably be people who are not optimistic, but we cannot be defined by others. Success is not defined by others’ words, but by ourselves.

Despite the difficulties ahead, she always believes that “persist in doing the right thing, even if you fall down for the seventh time, you must have the courage to stand up for the eighth time”, “It doesn’t matter how fast you go, as long as you work hard and have the courage “Going forward”, accumulate what you lack and what you lack little by little, and one day you will be able to surpass what you think you are.

Cai Cai emphasized that it’s okay to hesitate, but it’s definitely not a long-term hesitation. If you don’t do anything, you don’t know if you will succeed. Only by stepping out by yourself will you be closer to success, even a little. She loves herself and has the courage to challenge even though the front is full of fog. Every challenge is to make herself better. Although she will not reach the sky in one step, the experience she has learned is priceless.

The picture is published by
The picture is published by “Cai Cai” Cai Chenyin “Woman Yang”

Going through the trough of losing my career dream and still fighting against cervical cancer, I used to think that I was the most beautiful on the racing track, and now I think that I am also great on the road of entrepreneurship. I want to become “love yourself in every way” , through “Woman Yang”, Cai Cai wants to encourage more people to do the same:

Don’t get used to doing nothing, stick to what you think is right, you never know how good you will be after you stick to it. To love yourself is to have confidence in yourself, and only with confidence can you achieve it. Only by stepping out and persevering will you be closer to success. After success, you will be, thank you for your persistence now.

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