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Can Vitamin D Prevent the Flu? Is winter influenza epidemic due to vitamin D deficiency?Research: Not relevant | New horizons for grassroots influence

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Health Medical Network/Reported by reporter Wu Yiwen

Autumn and winter are often the peak seasons of flu epidemics every year, and many people know that getting a flu vaccine to prevent the flu is something that many people know. However, there are rumors that supplementing vitamin D can prevent influenza. “Wikipedia” also mentions that the number of influenza cases in temperate areas changes with the seasons. It may be due to less sunshine in winter, resulting in insufficient vitamin D, causing the annual influenza to peak in winter. But is this statement really correct?

The Food and Drug Administration stated on Facebook “Dr. Doctors Say True Medicine” based on the results of clinical trials that it does not recommend that people take vitamin D to prevent diseases. Good hygiene habits, washing hands frequently and wearing masks are still the best way to avoid infection. Dharma door.

Vitamin D reduces infections? Are disease prevention rates more effective than vaccines?

In recent years, many studies have pointed out that vitamin D is not only a key nutrient for bone health, but also related to immune regulation, which can enhance immunity and reduce the chance of viral infection. Since influenza often occurs in winter when the daylight hours are shorter, and sunlight is an important factor in the body’s synthesis of vitamin D, some people have speculated that a lack of vitamin D is related to influenza.

The British Medical Journal also published a research report stating that the use of vitamin D supplements can prevent approximately 3 million cold cases in the UK each year. According to the “BBC” report, the overall results of this study showed that 1 in 33 people who took vitamin supplements would be protected from infection, while the influenza vaccine had a protection rate of 40 to 1. This result is better than that of using influenza Vaccines are more effective.

Vitamin D has nothing to do with the occurrence of influenza and is not recommended to prevent illness

Vitamin D seems to protect against the flu, but does it really? The Food and Drug Administration stated that in a clinical trial involving 334 school-age children, half of the subjects took 1,200 international units of vitamin D every day, and the other half took a placebo. After a winter, some school-age children taking vitamin D Children have a lower chance of getting type A influenza, but interestingly, they have a higher chance of getting type B influenza.

The Food and Drug Administration mentioned that in order to confirm this seemingly contradictory phenomenon, the same research team conducted another clinical trial during the 2009 influenza. The results found that the use of vitamin D was not related to the incidence of influenza. Currently, the use of vitamin D is not related to the incidence of influenza. There is still too little evidence for D to prevent influenza, so it is not recommended to use it to prevent disease.

Louis Levy, director of nutritional sciences at Public Health England (PHE), also mentioned in the “BBC” report that the study in the “British Medical Journal” currently does not provide enough evidence to support the use of vitamin D supplements. Agents can reduce the risk of respiratory infections. PHE previously recommended taking vitamin D supplements in autumn and winter with the aim of maintaining bone and muscle health.

Therefore, at present, vitamin D can maintain bone health, but if you want to prevent diseases, maintaining good hygiene habits, washing hands frequently, wearing masks, and vaccination are the most effective prevention methods.

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