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People in middle age are experiencing health crises. Optimizing intestinal microecology can enhance immunity and improve health.

People in middle age are experiencing health crises. Optimizing intestinal microecology can enhance immunity and improve health.
People in middle age are experiencing health crises. Optimizing intestinal microecology can enhance immunity and improve health.

The words “middle age” are often associated with the emergence of crisis. In fact, many urbanites in their forties and fifties are indeed facing crises – various health problems. Most people believe that as age increases, body functions begin to decline and health gradually declines, which is normal. However, the health problems faced by many middle-aged people are often related to poor diet and living habits, which unknowingly destroy the intestinal microecology, giving rise to different health problems, affecting the immune system and reducing immunity. Some family doctors recommend taking probiotic formulas that are scientifically proven to be effective and can help improve health.

Entering the harvest period and enjoying life is easy to indulge
Dr. Hu Lizhi, who often works with different age groups, pointed out based on clinical experience that many middle-aged patients in their 40s and 50s have a higher chance of developing physical problems, including common high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol. “problem. Some middle-aged patients may have high uric acid or even weight gain, which can form “four highs” or “five highs” in disguise.
Why does the health of middle-aged people always seem to decline? Dr. Hu said that there are many reasons, including genetic inheritance, environmental pollution, life stress and eating habits. It is difficult to generalize, and many times it is caused by the accumulation of multiple factors. However, for the general public, diet is a factor within personal control. “Many middle-aged people have begun to enter their harvest period and have begun to want to enjoy life more. They feel that their health is healthy and they gradually indulge. As time goes by, it is not until they need to see a doctor that they discover that there is a health problem.”

Thinking you are strong is easy to ignore health problems 
Dr. Hu specifically pointed out that during the epidemic, many middle-aged people underwent physical examinations before receiving vaccinations. Although their daily lives went as usual without any discomfort, cardiovascular occlusion was discovered upon examination. “Many middle-aged people still feel that they are strong and not too old and frail, so they tend to neglect their personal health.” It is worth noting that as an international city, Hong Kong’s food culture is very close to that of the West, resulting in urbanites who are high in salt and sugar. , high oil, and a diet with less vegetables and more meat, often lead to intestinal polyps and even cancer problems.
Scientific research has discovered through stool testing that a type of bad bacteria called M3 can cause intestinal polyps. The M3 gene in the stool of patients with intestinal cancer is also higher than that of normal people. However, experiments also found that probiotics in the intestines can reduce M3 levels in the body. Dr. Hu explained that there are many microorganisms in the intestines themselves, which have coexisted with our bodies for a long time. The numbers of different flora in the intestinal tract also vary. When the proportion of each flora reaches a balance, the body will be healthy. On the contrary, if the intestinal microbiota is out of balance, it may cause certain diseases, such as allergies, immune system problems, or inflammatory bowel disease. “Some studies have also found that the beneficial bacteria in the intestines, such as Bifidobacterium adolescentis or Lactobacilli, can stimulate our immune system and produce sufficient antibodies to help us deal with certain infections.”

When taking probiotics to regulate your body, you should consider the dosage of the formula
Middle-aged people neglect their personal health, which is not only reflected in the physical examination before vaccination, but also in the recovery process after being infected with the epidemic. For example, many middle-aged COVID-19 patients develop symptoms of COVID-19 after recovery. They feel that the symptoms are mild and have limited impact on health, so they do not take any health supplements. However, a university study pointed out that the sequelae of COVID-19 are related to intestinal microecological imbalance. Dr. Wu also shared that many COVID-19 patients have developed allergies and immune system-related diseases, such as eczema, etc. after being infected with the epidemic.
Whether it is to maintain health or to reduce the impact of illness, middle-aged people who want to avoid health decline should change their eating habits as early as possible, including exercising and eating more foods containing antioxidant factors such as fruits and vegetables. In recent years, many people have chosen to take probiotic supplements to improve intestinal microecology and improve health. Dr. Hu said: “Many patients will ask their doctors which probiotic supplement is better to take; some patients will also ask whether individual probiotic products contain certain types of bacteria, such as Bifidobacterium adolescentis, etc., and are they suitable to take? But as As mentioned just now, there are many varieties of flora in the intestines, and it is not just about quantity, but also about balance and proportion. Therefore, when purchasing related products, you should consider the dosage and overall formula of the product, and have its efficacy scientifically proven , as a reference.”

There are different flora in the intestines, and the numbers are also different. When the ratio is balanced, the body will be healthy.

Middle-aged people feel healthy and tend to neglect their personal health, and often discover problems only during physical examinations.

Many middle-aged people enter the harvest period, start to enjoy life, gradually indulge, and develop various health problems.

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