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Vitamin C, why does it last so long?!Whitening, anti-aging, and antioxidant. Please take note of how to choose | Mombaby Mombaby Pregnancy Life Network


Vitamin C, which we are familiar with, can not only be eaten, but can also be rubbed on the face. How much do you know about the vitamin C that is rubbed on the face? Let’s take a look!

Among the skin care ingredients we know, vitamin C is the one that has stood the test of time the most!

This is because vitamin C has many benefits for the body and skin. It can help the skin repair damage caused by the environment, reduce dark spots and pigmentation, even out skin tone and help stimulate the production of collagen. The reason why it has stood the test of time.

Vitamin C, highly recommended by dermatologists

Among the many famous skin care ingredients, “vitamin C (vitamin C)” is undoubtedly an evergreen skin care ingredient!

First of all, vitamin C is an indispensable nutrient that our bodies cannot produce by themselves. In addition to obtaining vitamin C through diet, when it comes to skin care, we can obtain vitamin C through topical application. In terms of food, vitamin C is mostly found in citrus fruits. However, drinking orange juice alone will not make the skin brighter and glossier. In fact, it is most helpful to apply it topically on the skin.

Vitamin C, antioxidant for skin

As for its use on the skin, we directly associate it with whitening, but in addition to brightening the skin tone, vitamin C is also a good anti-aging maintenance ingredient.

When used topically, vitamin C is the skin’s greatest antioxidant, scavenging free radicals created by exposure to UV rays or other environmental stressors. Excessive free radicals will damage the skin’s structure and cause the skin to lose its elasticity. Vitamin C has excellent antioxidant power and can help the skin resist free radical damage. This is why it is highly recommended by beauty experts.

In addition, vitamin C can also promote collagen synthesis, which means that skin care can take into account whitening and anti-aging at the same time. Echoing the popular “Morning C and Night A” skin care method, it is highly recommended to add vitamin C to daytime skin care.

Vitamin C skin beautifying effects

Avoid dark spots and pigmentation

Vitamin C also has the property of “inhibiting the excessive production of melanin.” If you have spots or skin color problems, vitamin C is a good ingredient. It helps lighten and prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, making skin brighter day by day with continued use.

Stimulate collagen

Vitamin C also helps stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, which is essential for skin to look firm, smooth, and elastic.

How to choose “Vitamin C” for skin care

However, vitamin C is a highly unstable molecule. In order to use this ingredient more effectively, vitamin C derivatives, which are more stable than pure vitamin C, are more widely used. Including vitamin C magnesium phosphate, vitamin C sodium phosphate, ascorbyl palmitate, ascorbyl glucoside, etc., are often used together.

In addition, when choosing vitamin C maintenance, “essence” is the best choice to obtain the maximum effect. Compared with facial cleanser, lotion, and lotion, essence with a higher concentration of vitamin C is definitely the first choice for investment. However, a reminder: if the skin is dry, the stratum corneum is thin, or the skin is occasionally red and sensitive, if the concentration is too high or the pH is too low, it is very easy to irritate the skin and must be avoided.

Vitamin C essence recommendation

Vitamin C, which has been widely used in the beauty industry for a long time, has become a necessary protagonist on the dressing table. As for its overwhelming effects, you may wish to choose a suitable dosage form according to your skin type and usage habits, and remember to use it as soon as possible after opening!

Paula’s Choice C25 Instant Brightening and Blemish Serum, 30ml, NT2,130

Paula's Choice C25 Instant Whitening and Blemish Serum | Vitamin C Skin Care

Shocking the market with the brand’s unprecedented highest concentration of 25%! Breakthrough high concentration of vitamin C, added with “Glutathione” GAP technology known as “the next tranexamic acid in the beauty industry”, and the super antioxidant ingredient ergothioneine to easily fight off dullness and spots on the face Troubled.

It is recommended that after cleansing, lotion and exfoliation, apply an appropriate amount to the face and neck, avoiding contact with eyes and lips. At the same time, use subsequent moisturizing products, and adjust the dosage and frequency based on your skin condition.

SkinCeuticals Super Concentrated CE Firming Repair Antioxidant Essence, 30ml, NT6,260

SkinCeuticals Super Concentrated CE Firming Repair Antioxidant Essence | Vitamin C Skin Care

SkinCeuticals, which feels good as soon as you use it, contains a high concentration of 15% L-vitamin C in a golden ratio, combined with 1% vitamin E, 0.5% ferulic acid and other ingredients. It can be used before, during and after medical aesthetic laser treatments. It is comfortable and non-greasy to the skin, especially it can enhance the effect of medical beauty treatments!

Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Revitalizing Day Serum, 28ml, NT2,600

Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Revitalizing Day Serum | Vitamin C Skin Care

Exclusive innovative technology turns high-concentration 15% vitamin C into powder, and DIYs the base liquid after opening to create the freshest vitamin C essence. It is refreshing to use and easy to absorb. It is specially added with 0.5% ferulic acid + 1% vitamin E to help vitamin C maintain its antioxidant capacity and reduce the signs of aging caused by sunlight and ultraviolet rays. It is very suitable for people who want to fight aging.

Vichy C15 Brightening Ampoule Essence, 20ml, NT1,400

Vichy C15 Instant Brightening Ampoule Essence | Vitamin C Skin Care

A high-concentration vitamin C essence with 15%, added with 11 ingredients and no added fragrance, helps the skin bid farewell to dullness, creates a smooth texture, and makes the skin naturally translucent from the inside out. It is especially suitable for sallow, dull skin and uneven skin tone. average people.

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