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1 Guava a day meets the vitamin C standard!Experts reveal 5 ways to eat “golden dangers”: they may cause cancer but are loved by many people

1 Guava a day meets the vitamin C standard!Experts reveal 5 ways to eat “golden dangers”: they may cause cancer but are loved by many people
1 Guava a day meets the vitamin C standard!Experts reveal 5 ways to eat “golden dangers”: they may cause cancer but are loved by many people

[Reported by Cai Jingqian]Guava is rich in dietary fiber, potassium, folic acid, and its vitamin C content is even richer. About 1/3 of the guava (180g) contains 145% of the recommended daily amount, which can reduce inflammation and prevent inflammation in the body. High blood pressure, helping defecation, and has many benefits. However, experts remind you not to eat fruits in the wrong way. The 5 ways to eat guava may be harmful to your health.

Pickled guava and sprinkled with plum powder: reduce the nutrients of guava and eat too much sodium and sugar

Compared with other fruits, guava has a lighter taste. Many people like to add extra plum powder when eating guava to add a sweet and sour taste, or they like to eat ancient pickled guava and licorice guava to enjoy the crisp and sweet taste. Liu Zhenfang, a professor at the Department of Health and Nutrition of Chang Gung Memorial University of Science and Technology, was interviewed by the media and reminded that pickling will deplete the nutrients of guava. If salt and plum powder are added for seasoning, people may eat too much sodium and added sugar.

According to the information from Gao Caihua, a professor at the Department of Food Science at Fu Jen Catholic University, and Zhang Yueping, a nutritionist, pickled fruits are primary food processing, and if the pickling time is longer, the reduction of nutrients will be more obvious. This is mainly related to the protein-decomposing enzymes contained in fruits and vegetables. During the pickling process, proteins will be decomposed into amino acids. On the other hand, salted pickles require the osmotic pressure of salt to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and reduce the water content in the fruit. Therefore, the sodium content is high, so people should be careful not to overeat.

Nutritionist Cheng Hanyu wrote on Facebook to remind that common plum powder often contains the food additive aspartame (a common sugar substitute). This substance has not only been listed as a “possible carcinogen” by the WHO, but may also affect memory, and some studies It has been found that aspartame may be related to cardiovascular disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and type 2 diabetes, and it is recommended that people avoid it as much as possible.

Dried guava: Be careful of additives such as pigments, and pay attention to the amount of dried fruit and do not overeat.

Dried guava is not only chewy, but also tastes sweeter and sweeter the more you eat it. It is a snack option for many people. However, there are some precautions that you need to pay attention to when eating dried fruit.

Nutritionist Li Wanping reminded in the video that although dried fruits will still retain the dietary fiber, flavonoids, polyphenols and other nutrients of fruits, as well as phytochemicals such as lycopene, they are still rich in nutrients, but you must be careful about additives and serving sizes.

Many dried fruits add additional pigments (such as sodium metabisulfite, etc.) during the production process. In addition to making the color more beautiful, it also has moisturizing and soft texture. Although the human body can metabolize this substance through urine, a small number of people It may still induce asthma and skin allergies. It is recommended that people drink more water after consumption to help metabolism.

Nutritionist Li Wanping said that she prefers to buy dried fruits without added sodium metabisulfite, while dried fruits with added sugar and salt are acceptable, “because no matter how dried fruits are dried, it is difficult to dry them completely without any moisture, sugar and salt are “It helps dried mangoes to be stored longer.” These substances are safer than pigments, so just eat less of them.

On the other hand, since fruits will shrink in size after dehydration, it is easy for people to eat too much unconsciously. People should not eat too much just because guava is used to “wash their mouths”. Nutritionist Li Wanping gave grapes as an example. One raisin is equivalent to one large grape. Although guava is sliced ​​and dried, it is difficult to calculate the number, but it can still be judged by the nutrition label on the package and the amount of consumption can be controlled.

Guava juice and guava jam: Be careful of excessive sugar, add high-fiber vegetables to lower GI value

Due to its rich vitamin C and various nutrients, guava is a must-have fruit for many people to make homemade jams, juices, or green latte (energy soup). However, nutritionist Song Minghua wrote an article to remind you that you must be more careful after making the fruit into juice. Drinking fruit as juice is no less taxing on the body than sugary drinks.

The natural fructose in fruit juice is absorbed quickly in the body, easily causing blood sugar to spike and stimulating insulin secretion, bringing the sugar in the blood to the cells for utilization or storing it as fat, making it easy for people to gain weight.

If you really want to drink juice, nutritionist Liu Fuxuan suggested on Facebook that you can add other vegetables without filtering to increase the dietary fiber of the juice and reduce the GI value (glycemic index) of the juice. Recommended vegetables include: fungus, sweet potato leaves, Bitter melon and other high-fiber and hypoglycemic vegetables.

Nutritionist Liu Suying (Stella) wrote an article to remind that vitamin C, dietary fiber and other fruit-specific nutrients are almost destroyed during the processing of jam, and 94 to 97% of the calories in jam come from sugar, so people are advised not to eat it. Treat jam as a fruit. People with high blood sugar and diabetes are best not to eat jam.

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