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Tattoo artist uses “petal tattoo” to cover self-inflicted scars


“Tattoos” are not just about looking stylish, they can also help people release pain. Korean tattoo artist Yeon has been on the verge of life and death, so she can empathize with people suffering from emotional distress, why they self-mutilate their bodies, and the regrets they feel when looking back at the scars afterwards. After getting out of the predicament, she decided to launch the “Petal Tattoo Healing Service” in a tattoo shop to help self-harmers cover old wounds with tattoos and rebuild themselves with an open mind.

Mainstream society often misunderstands that people who self-harm are “not self-loving”, but Yeon has also experienced depression and understands that physical scars actually reflect unspeakable psychological trauma. Rather than rejecting or discriminating, people should face up to the situation. Every time she serves a customer, she will never choose a pattern carelessly. Instead, she will listen carefully to the experience and feelings of the customer to come up with the corresponding flower shape. She also lets the customer understand that the tattoo process is similar to a traumatic experience, and they will all feel pain, but The difference is that the former is often involuntary, but the latter is safe and controllable. Then in a state of peace of mind, one can slowly understand the cause and impact of the trauma, and no longer need to suppress the pain.

For example, the 27-year-old guest Seunghi has loved writing since she was a child. However, Korean education emphasized teaching structure, examinations and rules, which made it difficult for her to achieve her ambitions. Her mental health gradually began to suffer. When she was 17 years old, she even developed self-mutilation behavior, which attracted more relatives and friends. Criticism constitutes a vicious circle. Yeon knew that Seunghi was often frightened and trembling when she stretched out her arms, so he carefully designed a petal pattern for her called “The Place Where Sadness Walks”, and encouraged her to resolve the pain through art, never give up on life and ideals, and persist in living.

Yeon has now tattooed more than 60 people who have self-harmed. She hopes that if the outside world encounters people who have self-injured, please don’t blame them, but rather listen to their voices and guide them to express their thoughts, so as to bring opportunities for both parties to establish connections, work together to rewrite the trauma, and regain the power of life.

Flower tattoos heal self-harm scars – BBC News

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The post Tattoo artist uses “petal tattoos” to cover self-inflicted scars first appeared on OLO.

This article tattoo artist uses “petal tattoos” to cover self-inflicted scars first appeared on OLO.

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