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Don’t worry, I’ll take you home.

“I love you more than you can imagine, so I let love follow you everywhere.” Nancy Tillman

In China, children, the elderly, and people with autism, dementia, and intellectual and speech impairments account for a large proportion of the involuntarily missing people.

A mother whose child was lost cried loudly and said: “It was all me…, how could I let him get on the bus alone in front of me…, if I had held him tightly, he would not have lost…”, “I I have taught him tens of thousands of times, but he still can’t remember his home phone number, and he can’t name himself or his family…” This mother’s child has a spectrum disorder (autism) and has difficulty using language to communicate with her. Although the author was on vacation that night, I saw this urgent case reported in the group, so I immediately contacted the person who reported the case. The mother believed that the Easy Card record of the child’s last bus off was in this jurisdiction, so we worked together At the bus stop she reported, monitors were checked within several miles and searched everywhere.

A lost daughter of an elderly father also cried helplessly: “My father said he was riding a bike to get vaccinated and then he didn’t come home. He didn’t answer the phone. It’s been an afternoon. This is the first time he’s done this. Is it possible?” Whatever happened, I asked him to go out alone…” After understanding and comforting the reporter, the author immediately checked the vehicle records and found that the grandfather’s driving route cycled repeatedly between the city and the suburbs, showing that he was completely lost. He asked his colleagues to locate the location in the office, then he rode his motorcycle and followed the location to chase the person.

The disappearance of a loved one is an unforgettable pain

Have you ever experienced an elderly person or child getting lost in your family? The anxiety of losing a loved one is like an invisible boulder, weighing heavily on the heart of the family. Facing the endless waiting, imagining the various situations that the loved one may encounter, the heart may be full of regret but powerless.

“It would be better if I paid more attention.”

“Why would I let him get lost?”

The endless self-blame lingers in my heart like this. This is the deepest feeling I have experienced in many years.

What can we do for them if we can prevent it before it happens? What to do if it really happens? Let the author who once served as an “outstanding member of the Police Department’s search for missing persons” tell you.

I let love follow you everywhere

The most helpful thing for finding missing persons is the identification and tracking aids on the missing person. Each aid represents the love of the family. The following five aids for preventing loss can be submitted to the relevant units as long as they meet the qualifications. Apply for free or purchase at your own expense. Especially in the recent season of drastic weather changes, whether it is cold winter or hot summer, losing children or the elderly is more likely to endanger life and safety. You should be prepared in advance to prevent getting lost.

ㄧ, love bracelet

Image source: Dementia Society

You can apply for a love bracelet from the district office. The bracelet only has the user number and a 24-hour tracking number. It is mainly for those who are at risk of getting lost. Love bracelets are provided for them to use. The service center can inquire the bracelet number through the notifier. Please provide detailed information and contact family members as soon as possible to help the lost person return home as soon as possible.

2. Love cloth label

Image source: Long-term care center

Image source: Long-term care center

Applications can be made to the Taiwan Dementia Association, and family members can sew love stickers on clothes, backpacks, and hats commonly worn by people with dementia to facilitate identification and assistance by the police or passers-by. It can be in the form of QRCode. If you are worried that your personal information will be used by malicious people, you can first carry out risk control such as “guardianship declaration” or “auxiliary declaration”. The relevant instructions are provided at the following link:

Dementia Society-Legal and Financial Security Risk Control

3. Satellite locator (GPS)

Image source: Osmile website

Image source: Osmile website

If you meet the qualifications, you can apply for partial or full subsidies from the district office or social bureau, which can be in the form of watches, necklaces, key rings, etc. The biggest limitation of GPS is that there will be times when it runs out of power, so the battery life of the GPS is not enough. This is the most important thing that caregivers need to consider when purchasing. Information links for assistive device centers across Taiwan are as follows:

Dementia Association-Taiwan Assistive Device Center Information

4. Fingerprint suppression and national image photo update

The police can find out the identity of the missing person through the facial recognition system and fingerprint comparison system. Therefore, they can go to the investigation team of the jurisdiction to create fingerprint files and the household registration unit to update the latest photos. Comparison is very helpful for the missing person.

5. Emergency contact card

Image source: Yidian News

Image source: Yidian News

You can apply to the Dementia Association. It has a love icon on one side. It is hoped that labeling can be reduced and that all people in need can use it, not just those with dementia. The other side is a medical assistance symbol, indicating the medical assistance the wearer may need.

My family is really lost, what should I do?

please rememberDon’t wait, there is no limit on how long you have to wait before you can report a missing person., as soon as you are confirmed missing, report it immediately and let the police assist you. Missing information can then be posted on police broadcasts and online, both of which will help the police and the public find their families. If the missing person is in an emergency situation, or has autism, dementia, intellectual or speech impairment, etc., be sure to inform the police, which will help dispatch more manpower to assist in the search.

Conclusion: Love is the most beautiful gift, let your family take love with you

In the first case, after the reporter and I searched for it for several hours, she received a call from the police officer in her jurisdiction, saying that the child had been found at the bus stop because he had an emergency contact card on him. The police knew who to contact. My mother cried with joy after hearing this. She thanked me repeatedly and apologized for spending so much time, but as long as they could find someone, it didn’t matter who found it.

In the second case, my grandfather and I were riding bicycles in the city to locate and chase someone. After you chased me for almost an hour, we finally caught up with him in the suburbs. My grandfather didn’t realize that he was lost. He just thought that the road was so long. It was different from usual. It was really angry and funny. Fortunately, everyone was safe. In the end, I successfully helped the grandfather return home.

There are countless recovery stories like these, but not every story has a happy ending. Some of them are because the missing person has no traceable and identifiable items, and the prime time has passed when the family reports the crime. When the person is finally found, It’s irreversible… It’s hard to describe the current sadness and frustration in words. Therefore, it is also urged that if there is someone who may be lost at home, make preventive preparations as early as possible. As long as sufficient measures are taken, more than 90% of people can return home smoothly.

“My love is very high, very deep, and very broad, just like the blue sky, the earth, and the ocean. No matter where you are, my love will embrace you.”

Let your love be closely connected with your family, and use concrete actions to let your family feel your love. Apply now, so that no matter where your family is, they can find their way home through your love.

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