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3D realistic adult new work “Desire Fantasy” is now on EROLABS for free download, the road to the harem of the resurrection of the male god | 4Gamers

Developed by The Shadow Studio, adult game publisher PINKCORE, Taiwan EROLABS agent’s realistic 3D adult game “Rise of Eros” (Rise of Eros) is officially listed on the EROLABS platform today (13) for free download, the game supports traditional Chinese, the official recommendation Use NoxPlayer Android 9 64bits to run the game stably.

With the aim of “creating a milestone in realistic 3D adult games”, The Shadow Studio aims to produce console-level high-quality adult games through high-standard 3D graphics, which has already attracted extensive attention from overseas gentlemen beforehand.

The background description of “Fantasy of Desires” describes the most primitive desires of human beings to create two primordial gods: the goddess “Ephdetti” and the male god “Eros”. With the development of civilization, proliferating desires lead to more and more The gods appeared, and it evolved into a battle between gods and gods.

Although the male god Eros won the victory, he was sealed due to the betrayal of the betrayal by Evdetti, and the world also entered the age of godlessness. Thousands of years have passed, and human beings have developed various civilizations. On the continent of Dean, which has lost the blessing of divine power, a human researcher “Inas” is bent on finding a way to revive her boyfriend, but unexpectedly lifts the seal and awakens the male god Eros. In order to retrieve his strength and broken memories, Eros and his relatives embarked on a journey to the harem.


The most fascinating thing about this work is the high-quality 3D HCG.

According to the art director of The Shadow Studio, the game uses a new technology and a special rendering shader, which not only improves the fidelity of emotional expression, but also makes the character movements more natural. Mode”, providing gentlemen with more immersive and interactive options.





In the final analysis, this game still has the main battle of the game. The development team used the above art techniques to create beautiful battles, helping players understand the story background of the game, and how the protagonist Eros met his partner.

The official emphasized that each character in the game represents a desire, and will adapt Greek mythology from a modern point of view and integrate it into the character story, while “Desire Fantasy” is interpreted in a light-hearted perspective.




“Fantasy of Desires” is currently available for free on the adult game platform EROLABS. Players can go to download the IPA/APK file of the corresponding iOS / Android system and install it on the mobile phone.

EROLABS game download page: click me to go

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