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CDPR originally wanted to remove the character “Rebecca” from “The Traitor: Edge Walker”, but Trigger insisted on keeping the original case | 4Gamers

The Netflix video game adaptation of the animated series “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners) has continued to increase the discussion since its launch, not only the number of “Cyberpunk 2077” online continues to rise, animation production team Studio Trigger (trigger club) The character charm of the design has also become a topic for overseas fans. However, it has been recently discussed that there is a character that is likely to be removed from CD Projekt Red, and that is “Rebeeca”.

Becca and her brother Pila are also members of the gang under Meiyin, but unlike Pila, the gunsmith, they belong to the role of gunmen in the group. Because of their petite stature, when they go to the next life bar, they are mistakenly thought to be underage and blocked. outside the door.

Although Becca did not have many scenes in the first half of the story, her eye-catching performance and lively personality were quite pleasing.

However, according to a recent CDPR official live broadcast, when community manager Pawet Burza interviewed a developer, she admitted that she was one of the participants in animation production, and said that there had been a vote within CDPR to discuss the decision to remove Rebecca This character, because of her “Lori” appearance, is considered incompatible with the cyberpunk worldview.

“Yeah, she’s the best girl. But I feel a little guilty,” the developer said, “because, in reality, I was one of the devs, and I was the one who voted not to have Lei The person in the role of Becca…”

Burza gave a brief exclamation at her answer. “Because when CDPR received the character design, their reaction was, ‘She’s a loli, there’s no loli in Night City, and it doesn’t fit the setting of ‘Traitor 2077’. “But the Trigger Club replied: NO, Lolita must exist!”

This brief interview was edited by the audience, and it also became a topic of discussion among netizens overseas. Some people agree with CDPR and think that the role of Luoli should not exist, but more people think that the role of Rebecca makes the animation of “Edgewalker”. The characters and worldview are more vivid, and her silent emotion for the protagonist David is heartwarming.

In the end, fortunately, CDPR respected the Trigger Club’s character proposal, and this fully echoed the official animation production interview released a few days ago. In the interview, the director (supervisor) of Imaishi Hiroyuki and the character designer Ji Chengyao both stated that in order to The creation is in line with the original world view, and at the same time, the character design must echo the fans who love Japanese animation elements. It is really a big challenge, which can be seen from Lucy’s design.

“Lucy, she’s a more difficult character to design than David,” said the animator Ji Chengyao: “Although the character is set to be a femme fatale, we still want her to be a little cute and Japanese. Elements that are familiar to anime fans, and it’s really difficult to mix that element into the same character.”

It can be seen that not only Lucy but also Rebecca, Trigger maintains the creative spirit of Japanese animation and creates such excellent characters. And CDPR producer Satoru Homma also said in an interview that during the more than 4 years of cooperation with Trigger Club, he also encountered many challenges along the way.

Satoru Homma: “The balance between CDPR’s supervision and TRIGGER’s creative freedom is, I think, a key factor in the success of this work.”

In European and American societies, “Lori” has always been regarded by defenders as a sensitive label for child pornography exploitation. Even for Japan, a major ACG cultural power that has always advocated creative freedom, the impact of this issue is still that the government level is greater than the cultural level.

Fortunately, thanks to the persistence of the Trigger Club that made this animation, as well as CDPR’s perseverance, we can see the lovely Rebecca so active in front of the screen.

The Netflix-exclusive series, “The Rider: Edgewalker,” hits shelves on September 13 with all 10 episodes. Since the broadcast of the album, the number of online users of “Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077” has continued to rise, reaching a new high of 36,806 in the past six months.


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