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Steam’s new adult simulation game “Hand Simulator: Rendezvous” is well-received, but I want to understand the achievement is really “male and male” | 4Gamers

When people’s eyes see the images they desire in their hearts, they often give beautiful imaginations in their minds. When you see a game where a man and a woman meet naked and naked, you will immediately imagine the picture of the two men having fun. …well, Hand Simulator: Rendezvous does have this part of adult content, but when you actually play it, you will find that it is more difficult to achieve, and sometimes it is even a little bit more male than male. Man locks man.

The name of the game “Hand Simulator: Rendezvous” is a bit familiar. In fact, in 2017, there was a funny simulation game called “Hand Simulator”. Players can play their own roles and use commands to operate hands or other body movements. Interact with other players.

In November 2022, the same team, HFM Games, re-launched the sequel “Hand Simulator: Rendezvous”. This time they made an authentic adult game. The male and female character modules in it are all naked. The gameplay is to ask players to operate male and female characters. In-depth communication between people.

The way to start the game is very simple, create a room, set the gender and number of invitations, and then choose the room or bedroom as the background.

Press CREATE to enter a fully 3D-created room, ready to communicate with other strangers.


However, after actually entering the game, many people’s beautiful imagination began to be shattered bit by bit.

First of all, there is no AI in this game. Even if players create a room, they can only handjob and touch themselves in the room alone. Therefore, to achieve real interaction, it is to join the room created by other players.


The problem is that nine out of ten rooms are almost all male, because most players don’t know that they can go to the setting to change their gender at first, so when they enter the room, most of them are male and male, and they regret it when they enter later.

Seriously, although the game itself is a hand simulation and has some basic movements that can achieve some basic sexual intercourse movements, most of them are still the smoothest masturbation movements. The meaning of slapping or stroking the other party only exists in Steam achievements. .




And speaking of achievements, yes, the game is also a very sweet reminder that players can try to unlock various actions that they have carefully assigned to players, like greeting with their hands, or stroking each other, or pretending to be a woman and greeting the man’s little Dick.

Then you pull down the achievement again, and you will find that to complete this achievement, you may need a friend who shares the same interests as you.


Needless to say, the vast majority of Steam’s adult game purchasers (as far as I know) are more than 80% male, so this “Hand Simulator: Rendezvous” just launched must be all male players.

Ultimately, in order to achieve success, imagine this group of people having to learn how to operate from each other, like middle school students who are just beginning to love each other, learning to please each other with their hands, grabbing each other’s gear levers with their hands in a game, and the other person behind the screen is also the same. famous man.


Not surprisingly, every player who has played it has given this game a good rating. Personally, when I understand the operation of this game, I suddenly realize that there is no AI character, and it is worthwhile to forcibly communicate with other players online. A try experience.

Of course, everyone’s goals are different.In order to understand the game’s achievements, a Steam player invited friends to play the game together and gave him a shot. He suddenly felt that he had come to a low point in his life.. I can understand him.


Perhaps these highly praised players are thinking in their hearts that such an adult simulation game that can communicate with people enthusiastically, I can’t be the only one who plays it.

Steam adult simulation game “Hand Simulator: Rendezvous” has been listed on November 2, priced at NT $ 102.

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