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The reputation of the third episode of “The Youngest Son of the Chaebol” has declined, and the “magically modified original work” has been scolded!Add emotional drama, a character is super attractive | Kdaily Korean fan daily

Starring Song Joong-ki, Lee Sung-min (Lee Sung-min), and Shin Hyun-bin, JTBC’s new drama “The Youngest Son of the Chaebol” broke through 10.826% of its ratings when it aired last week. At the beginning of the episode, the word-of-mouth began to show polarization. The sudden slack plot, the incompatible relationship line, and the original novel of “Magic Reform” were all complained by netizens!

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“The Youngest Son of the Chaebol” is adapted from the Korean web novel of the same name. It adopts a 100% pre-production model. The plot tells the story of Yoon Hyun-woo (played by Song Joong-ki), who was framed for embezzling funds and killed by the chaebol family. The youngest son of a chaebol family, in order to embezzle the entire chaebol family, grow up step by step and take revenge. (Click here for episodes 1-3)

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The show started airing last week, with 3 episodes in a row on May or 6th. The first two episodes were reborn as the young master after the tragic death of the male lead. Relying on knowing the future, he frantically opened cheats. After the broadcast of the 3 episodes, the evaluations showed two extremes. Many of them complained about the relationship between the male and female protagonists. Obviously, there is almost no Love Line in the original work, and the male protagonists are very serious about their careers~

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Netizens expressed that “Shin Hyun Bin acts like Zhang Dong”, “The male and female protagonists have no chemical reaction at all”, “Song Joong Ki often purses his lips and Shin Hyun Bin talks intermittently like acting in his own way”, “The character in the original work is not the heroine but the male protagonist. “It’s just my girlfriend”, “The acting seems to be too cute”, “As soon as the emotional line appears, it will make people play, can’t you delete the emotional line”, “Although the emotional line is a problem, the beauty filter is also very serious”, there are also netizens Said that the shooting method is very strange, as if watching “Please answer the chaebol” XD

Song Zhongji was accused of excessive skin carePhoto from JTBC

However, for Song Joong-ki’s controversy that the skin-beautifying filter was oversized and excessively smoothed, most netizens expressed their understanding: “It’s natural for someone in his early 20s to set his skin smoothing.” It’s controversial to look young”, “It’s okay to use it as makeup, just like old age makeup needs white hair and wrinkles”, “It’s understandable, but it looks a bit unnatural”, “It’s because of the poor quality of the skin peeling” .

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Due to the high popularity of the original novel, many netizens also pointed out the regrettable part of the adaptation of the TV series. In addition to the too many emotional scenes just mentioned, what makes many fans sad is that Park Hyuk-kwon’s investment company CEO “Oh Se-hyun” has been magically changed. ! Netizens said that the original role was not inferior to the chairman’s grandfather. In the original work, he was a close friend of Chen Daojun’s father when he was studying abroad. He also taught Chen Daojun as his own son, and later became the male protagonist. The most reliable backing.

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It is reported that in the original work, Oh Se-hyun is a person with a lot of characters, a genius + absolute calculation in money matters, and maybe a little handsome (the one on the right of Chen Daojun in the picture above) XD Once upon a time, Chen Daojun, who was still in elementary school, had After 14 billion, he asked his father to introduce an investment expert. The person who came was Wu Shixuan. At that time, he only recognized Chen Daojun because he had 14 billion+ and was very smart. He felt that he was a very attractive character. However, the TV series version changed this background and made him an eccentric Uncle Donut (mistake), which is indeed a pity. Many netizens think that the drama version can be well restored, and don’t do things that delete interesting scenes in the original work and add useless scenes.

Li Shengmin's acting skills were praisedPhoto from JTBC

However, there is still a character who has been praised from the beginning to the end in the TV series, that is, Li Shengmin, who plays our president~ Netizens said that the plot of the first two episodes is compact and exciting, but in the third episode, it suddenly relaxes and adds emotional scenes, which makes people unable to devote themselves… Except for the scene where Lee Sung Min appeared! “As soon as Li Shengmin doesn’t appear, it becomes an ordinary TV series”, “This drama needs Li Shengmin to appear all the time so that it can be concentrated immediately”, “I don’t want to watch the hero and heroine, but I want to watch Li Shengmin”, “It is indeed an old drama with a strong atmosphere Standing up is really a big shot in the business world.”

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