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Free download of NTR’s new work “Legend of Hydroelectrician” Steam trial version, any water leak can be repaired and then repaired | 4Gamers

The new adult work “Handyman Legend” (Handyman Legend) developed by the Taiwanese adult game team SupaShinKen Studio recently released a free trial version of the demo. The game brings the early strategy content of college students and office workers. Get a preliminary experience of the main gameplay of this game.

Based on the tribute to DLsite’s adult masterpiece “NTR Legend”, “Legend of the Plumber” is an adult game of touching breasts and washing pants by accepting cases to earn money, managing time with limited physical strength, and making money while lewdly attacking the heroines .

The basic actions of this work are mainly to pick up the work with the mobile phone and go out. The water and electricity options can confirm the working status of the day. Each task consumes 40 HP. At the beginning, you can only work twice a day, and you can only sleep once until the next day. option (to restore 40 HP), so it is best to check in advance whether the heroine is on the work schedule every day.

When a pink girl icon appears next to the job option, the job is to work at the heroine’s home.

The process of work is to reach the pass line within 30 seconds. There will be 3 verification opportunities for each work. As long as the mouse clicks on the Nice area, the completion degree can be greatly increased. Generally, the work needs to be pressed at least once to pass the Nice area. There is a way to complete the passing line.

Once the job is successful, you can get the specified reward, if it is perfect, you can get an additional bonus, but even if you fail, you can get the basic 1,000 yuan.




The highlight of the game is to go to the heroine’s home to work. In addition to repairing the water and electricity at the same time, the player must also take the opportunity to attack the heroine sexually, and make the red bar of the heroine excited without letting the blue bar alert rise to full. The value is filled.

Compared with “NTR Legend”, the work of repairing water and electricity and the heroine will be more busy here, but as long as the heroine is successfully excited, her trust and lust value will be increased, and the pornographic screen will be further unlocked.





When entering the color state, the player can gradually enjoy 5 different level H performances. In addition, many functions have been added in the character status and review part. Players can click on the “Magazine” at home to Watch the events and CGs that have been achieved, and you can further observe the current status of the heroines in the information bar of the mobile phone.

In the trial version, there are two heroines, a college student and an office worker, who can allow players to conquer level 2. In the official version, there are more H-level and even fallen content for players to enjoy.





Of course, since this is an adult game in Taiwan, there are also adult memes familiar to players in the game. You can find many adult advertisements familiar to gentlemen just by turning on your mobile phone to confirm your work.

It’s a pity that those advertisements can only be viewed but not clicked, but I personally like the ingenuity of these small places of the development team, and hope that the game will have more hidden content or easter eggs for players to explore in the future.


“Legend of Hydroelectrician” brought by Taiwanese adult game team Chaozhenjian Studio has released a demo version on Steam. Gentlemen who are interested can try it first and add it to the wish list, looking forward to the arrival of the full version.

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